Insider launches AMP for Email, TikTok Integration, Cross-Channel Price Alerts, and 15+ features in Q4’22

Insider, a marketing platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, helps 1200+ leading enterprise brands and high-growth startups including Samsung, Clarins, Madeira Madeira, Marks & Spencer, Virgin, Burger King, Toyota, Singapore Airlines, CNN, Lenovo, and MAC accelerate their digital growth and create delightful customer experiences by connecting data across channels, predicting future behavior with AI, and individualizing experiences.

In Q4’22, Insider launched industry-leading features including AMP for email, TikTok and Shopify integrations, cross-channel price alerts, back-in-stock alerts, transactional SMS, WhatsApp CTA, and many more to place brands at the forefront of cross-channel engagement and commerce by leveraging unified zero-party and first-party customer data

Frictionless data unification and cross-channel recommendations powered by enhanced actionable CDP capabilities

Flexible data unification and real-time data gathering 

With its all-new ID resolution settings, Insider provides brands greater flexibility and control to define identifiers and unify their customer profiles, resulting in more robust customer profiles centered around preferences. 

Insider’s streaming APIs allow real-time information exchange between integrated tools like Segment, Telium, and more whenever there is a change in attribute or event providing a way for seamless, frictionless, and real-time experiences powered by unified data.

Powerful cross-channel loyalty programs and gamified rewards for VIP customers with automated segments

Insider being an actionable CDP, enables brands to hyper-target their most loyal and VIP customers with automated predictive segments based on data gathered across channels to focus on retention. These segments include predictive audience groups like likelihood to engage, discount affinity, likelihood to churn, etc. 

Predictive audiences and other automated segments like RFM enable brands to send 1:1 recommendations across channels based on their customers’ lifetime value, preferences, and actions on channels they are likely to engage more. Brands can leverage these automated segments to run loyalty programs for VIPs on their preferred channels, send powerful recommendations for their desired brands or categories, and run highly interactive holiday promotions for VIP customers with higher discount affinity using gamified coupon promotions on various channels including email, web, and mobile. 

User-initiated WhatsApp Text to Opt-in 

As a novel step towards consensual opt-in, Insider helps businesses grow their subscribers on popular messaging channels like WhatsApp using text to opt-in method, which allows for zero-cost, user-initiated opt-in. Users can now scan a QR from a landing page and automatically send a WhatsApp message to initiate opt-in. 

Helping brands convert with 107% higher ROI — right within interactive emails using AMP

Insider’s investment in AMP is a true tribute to authorizing individual channels to function as commerce engines by allowing users to make purchases, experience products, and form submissions right within the emails thereby minimizing clicks, redirects, and scrolls. 

With AMP, brands can bring web-like experiences within their email like click-to-submit NPS surveys, newsletters with collapsible content, gorgeous swipe-able gallery experiences, travel booking within the emails, zero-party data collection surveys, and more. Insider offers drag-and-drop blocks and 15+ pre-built AMP templates that allow marketers to launch actionable AMP campaigns in seconds without any coding efforts.

Insider’s AMP emails have 130% higher form submissions, 5X greater engagement, and 107% higher ROI compared to regular emails. 

Native integrations with channels like TikTok and Shopify, powering data-driven engagement on social and messaging channels

First-of-a-kind native TikTok integration 

Insider’s integration with Tiktok, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads lets brands remarket and re-engage users on different social platforms. Insider is the only player in the market to provide a first-of-a-kind native integration with TikTok where marketers can send their mobile app segments directly to TikTok. 

12X higher conversions with WhatsApp CTA

The launch of Insider’s WhatsApp CTA template enables brands to leverage one-touch conversion on WhatsApp and influence users to perform more than one action depending on their goals. Brands can now aim for 12X higher conversions by adding up to three CTA buttons to their WhatsApp messages, which works best for campaigns like New Arrivals, Best Sellers, and other personalized recommendations. WhatsApp CTAs can transform a replenishment message by allowing users to purchase now or choose to be reminded later to enter the same journey at a different time.

One-click Shopify integration  

With Insider and Shopify integration, Shopify users can leverage Insider’s CDP to sync historical data and use cross-channel journey orchestration to provide individualized experiences to their users.

Increasing revenue per user and lifetime value by optimizing product usability for scale and performance

Insider’s flagship feature launches include capabilities that allow brands to build immersive and relevant experiences for their customers on their preferred devices and at the moment they want.

All-new responsive templates

Insider’s new responsive templates are built with the intention to help marketers scale their personalization campaigns faster across devices without coding. This means brands can now create responsive, time-sensitive campaigns like holiday promotions easily on desktop and create an auto-responsive design for mobile or tablet with one click.  

Multi-story templates

To help brands engage attention-sensitive shoppers on social media, Insider offers the multi-story feature. This new feature allows brands to surface 1:1 recommendations in the form of Instagram-like stories where they can add more than one story per category at a time. This helps users discover more personalized product recommendations within their preferred categories. 

Pre-built price drop and back-in-stock journeys

Insider has recently launched new triggers — price drop and back-in-stock in their journey orchestration tool. With these triggers, marketers can launch campaigns like cross-channel price alerts and back-in-stock alerts to influence higher sales and potential revenue growth without stock expansion. 

Trustworthy post-purchase experience with transactional SMS

Insider has expanded its transactional messaging offering by including SMS with its existing channels for transactional messaging — email, web push, and WhatsApp. Brands can now close the loyalty loop starting with transactional SMS which lets brands scale their post-purchase engagement efforts by acknowledging every transaction of messaging-first users. 

Staying on top of incremental revenue and other performance metrics with advanced reporting

Insider has doubled its efforts in bringing advanced reporting capabilities with more actionable insights and data points. Brands can now make better goal-based decisions from insights like revenue gained from triggered campaigns like cart abandonment, increase in AOV, transactional SMS reports, and timeline trends for metrics like entered, dropped off, etc. as a part of journey metrics.

These features augment Insider’s promise of a shift in mindset from “marketing”, “delivering”, and “selling” to empowering brands to find “A Brand New Way ™” of delivering customer experiences. Brands can now craft trustworthy experiences that become an extension of their customers’ lifestyles and choices, by prioritizing the need for convenience and enabling users to reach their goals within preferred channels, with fewer clicks.

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