Introducing a new AI-powered model to predict user engagement with app push notifications

Aashna Vasa

Oct 14, 2021

Aashna Vasa

Oct 14, 2021

What is App Push Engage?

It is a mobile app algorithm that combines your data with machine learning to generate a predictive model. The model collects insights through delivered push notifications and sessions upon clicks. It then uses this intelligence to predict whether the customer will open a push notification.

How does App Push Engage work?

Employing an advanced machine learning algorithm the App Push Engage segment tracks customer actions across various touchpoints to make predictions about their behavior. We can categorize the predictive modeling process into three phases:

  • Data Collection: Our ML algorithm collects data like opened pushes/campaign, purchase and visit recency, total push opens, average page visits, and more, to carve out predictive models.
  • Data Modeling: In predictive modeling, one customer’s behavior is compared to other customers’ journeys and historical data to make predictions from collected data.
  • Predictions: The engine then predicts the future behavior—in this case engagement with push notifications—and creates ready-to-use predictive segments.

How does it benefit marketers?

Today’s digitally powered customers expect nothing less than a flawless user experience. This makes it imperative for marketers to leverage effective segmentation strategies to differentiate their brands when engaging with audiences outside the app. App Push Engage can be successfully leveraged by marketers to drive meaningful results by:

  • Micro-targeting those customers who are most likely to engage to meet your engagement goals faster, while also building meaningful relationships. Non-ecommerce brands could promote their content to this segment and stay contextually relevant for every customer.
  • Creating relevant customer journeys by sending the right messages and creative campaigns to the right customers. Travel, eCommerce, and retail businesses could use this feature to share relevant content that will bring back search abandoners.
Mobile phone with a travel brand showcasing a search abandoner app push engage notification with Insider's App Push Engage product
Hypothetical travel brand scenario showing Sydney search abandoners and their likelihood to engage
  • Preventing app abandonments by only engaging with the audience you are likely to influence. Bring back inactive users who used to be high value customers but did not come back recently
Smartphone showing a POSH fashion brand app push trying to engage an inactive users
Hypothetical fashion brand scenarios showing an App Push Engage segmentation and inactive user win back campaign
  • Saving time and money through the use of third party integrations to process and model complex data.

Wrapping Up

Push notifications are an intimate communication channel that requires today’s marketers to think differently about interacting with their audience. However, these notifications can be one of the most frustrating marketing tactics from a customer’s perspective, even when this channel is used effectively. Therefore, the marketer should strive to make every customer’s experience compelling rather than simply improving a sales statistic.

Making a comprehensive push notification strategy is more critical than ever. Having one can help retain high-value customers, decrease cart abandonment rates, attract new customers, and ensure a positive brand impression. With Insider’s App Push Engage and Web Push Engage (coming soon! ) segments, you can build an integrated segmentation plan to reach the relevant audience and personalize at scale while reaching your engagement goals.

Insider empowers global brands to deliver highly personalized experiences and predict the future behavior of customers thus saving time and budget. Please see our success stories with clients Pegasus and Adidas, who have leveraged AI for enhanced customer experiences.

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