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Insider is an all-in-one platform that enables Shopify Plus users to collect visitor data and use it to build seamless cross-channel customer journeys without the need for any additional app. 

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Install Insider in just a few steps on your Shopify Plus account. You won’t need to rely on your IT team or wait months for complex implementations.


Insider is for eCommerce brands who want to deliver amazing experiences to their customers. Shopify Plus stores can launch personalized campaigns and customer journeys in minutes. 


Your customers don’t shop on one device or channel. With Insider, you can meet them wherever they want to interact with you and provide them the best cross-channel experience from the very beginning. 

  • Insider helped us deliver highly-tailored experiences across our digital channels and improve our conversion rates significantly, reaching as high as 275%

    Baris Gokpinar CMO
  • We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the results and all this in just a month’s time. A 20% increase in conversions on the desktop web using only social proof is truly remarkable.

    Bert Middendorp Ecommerce Manager
  • Using Insider’s dynamic attributes and onsite experiment tools for our website, we were able to improve our conversion rate by almost 14% and increase AOV by 8%.

    Wojciech Zieba Ecommerce & Omnichannel Director

Multichannel customer journey: Architect

Orchestrate consistent one-to-one customer experiences across every touchpoint. Use predictive segments to tailor journeys based on predicted intent in real time.

Mobile app channel

Create individualized app experiences with a powerful suite of mobile marketing tools. From onboarding to retention, see an almost immediate uptick in engagement with app push and in-app messaging.

Analysis & reporting

Too much data to sift through? Insider's predictive dashboard does the hard work for you. Built-in AI and machine learning instantly identify what matters to make marketing decisions faster with campaign ROI at your fingertips.

Global customer success management

Imagine how many A/B tests we've done with 1,000+ partners in the last six years. We've sifted through findings across 26 countries and multiple verticals and have translated them into benchmark reports and insights for our customers.

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