Empowering change through automated marketing: Insider and Generation’s journey

The key to a successful marketing strategy lies in a brand’s ability to leverage advanced technology to both streamline internal processes and personalize customer experiences. 

Insider, a leader in cross-channel marketing and personalization, partners with many brands worldwide to help transform their marketing efforts. One such collaboration is with Generation, a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to preparing, placing, and supporting people in life-changing careers. 

Insider’s Sales Manager Emily Maddox recently had the opportunity to sit down with Juliana Allegrini, Global Head of Marketing at Generation to discuss how Insider helped them revolutionize their marketing strategy through AI automation and personalization.

Understanding the collaboration: Who are Insider and Generation?

Introducing Insider

Insider is a single platform for building individualized, cross-channel experiences. It enables enterprise marketers to connect customer data across channels and systems, predict their future behavior with an AI intent engine, and build individualized customer experiences. Marketers use Insider’s platform to deliver consistent and engaging experiences across Web, App, Web Push, Email, SMS, WhatsApp Commerce, and more.

With features like omnichannel personalization, a customer data platform (CDP), and advanced analytics, Insider helps organizations optimize their marketing efforts and achieve higher ROI.

Meet Generation

Generation is a global not-for-profit organization dedicated to transforming education and employment systems to prepare, place, and support people into life-changing careers that would otherwise be inaccessible. It operates across 17 countries, providing education and employment opportunities to underserved populations. 

Generation is a global nonprofit network that supports people to achieve economic mobility and a better life.

The organization faced several challenges, including managing data across diverse regions, engaging with varied audiences, and maintaining efficient communication channels. Its goal was to streamline its marketing processes, improve engagement, and increase the impact of its programs.

How Insider helped Generation transform its marketing strategy

Unifying data to achieve a 360-degree customer view

One of Generation’s primary challenges was integrating disparate data sources to create a unified view of its audience. Insider’s platform enabled Generation to consolidate data from its website, social media, email campaigns, and more into a single customer data platform. This integration helped Generation achieve a 360-degree view of its customer base, enabling better decision-making and allowing for more personalized and relevant communication with its audience.

Insider’s platform empowered Generation to gain a 360-degree view of every customer

Driving advanced personalization with AI 

Using Insider’s AI-native personalization engine, Generation could then tailor its messages based on individual user behavior and preferences. This level of personalization was crucial in engaging its diverse audience effectively. 

The platform’s ability to automate these processes ensured that each user received the right message at the right time, significantly improving engagement rates and helping Generation to build stronger connections with its audience.

Enabling seamless omnichannel marketing across 12+ channels

Generation leveraged Insider’s omnichannel marketing capabilities to reach its audience across multiple platforms, including Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. This data-driven omnichannel approach ensured consistent and cohesive messaging, regardless of the channel. 

Insider enabled Generation to deliver relevant, timely content and engaging experiences across App, Email, SMS, and more

By leveraging Insider’s tools, Generation could easily automate its communication workflows across multiple channels in one place, making it easier to manage large-scale campaigns and respond quickly to audience needs.

A close collaboration delivering real impact and results

Increased engagement and conversion rates

The collaboration between Insider and Generation led to impressive results. By unifying data and personalizing its communications, Generation saw a substantial increase in engagement and conversion rates. The tailored messages and automated workflows ensured that its audience received relevant and timely information, enhancing the overall experience. 

“We saw a 35% conversion rate on the channels we used, which is huge for us,” says Juliano Allegrini, Global Head of Marketing at Generation. 

Enhanced efficiency and scalability

Insider’s platform provided Generation with the tools needed to manage its marketing efforts efficiently—even with a small team. The automation capabilities allowed the team to scale campaigns without compromising on quality or effectiveness. This efficiency was particularly beneficial in handling the complexities of operating in multiple countries with diverse audiences. ”The capacity to work as a unified team across different countries has been a game-changer for us,” explained Juliano.

Empowered marketing teams

The integration of Insider’s platform empowered Generation’s marketing team to focus more of their time on strategic initiatives rather than getting bogged down by manual processes. 

With advanced analytics and AI-driven insights at their disposal, the team could make informed decisions and continuously optimize campaigns for better results. “Insider’s tools have allowed us to engage our audience more effectively and drive significant impact,” Allegrini said.

Key takeaways and actions

The success of the collaboration between Insider and Generation highlights the importance of leveraging advanced technology to achieve greater success in marketing. 

For organizations looking to transform their marketing strategies, the following five steps are essential:

  1. Integrate data sources: Consolidate all customer data into a unified platform to gain comprehensive insights and make informed decisions.
  1. Personalize communications: Use AI-powered tools to tailor messages based on individual user behavior and preferences, enhancing engagement and conversion rates.
  1. Leverage omnichannel marketing: Reach your audience across multiple platforms to ensure consistent and cohesive messaging.
  1. Automate your workflows: Implement automation to streamline processes, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and scale campaigns efficiently.
  1. Ensure continuous optimization: Regularly analyze performance metrics and optimize your campaigns to achieve better results and stay ahead of the competition.

By following these steps and leveraging platforms like Insider, organizations can enhance their marketing efforts, engage their audience more effectively, and drive significant impact.

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This article is based on the discussions and insights shared at the IRX & eDX in Birmingham on 22nd of May, 2024