Insider named a Leader in Forrester’s Cross Channel Campaign Management Wave (Independent Platforms) Q3 21 with highest score in campaign orchestration criterion

Srikant Kotapalli

Sep 13, 2021

Insider named a Leader in Forrester’s Cross Channel Campaign Management Wave (Independent Platforms) Q3 21 with highest score in campaign orchestration criterion Featured Image
Srikant Kotapalli

Sep 13, 2021

Our goal at Insider has always been to disrupt how traditional marketing is done and enable modern marketers with a tech stack that helps brands connect with their customers in ways like never before. With our mobile-first, messaging-first approach we have shaped the way the MarTech industry looks at delivering innovative experiences with a faster time to value.

We are excited to share that we have been named a Leader in The Forrester Wave(™): Cross Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q3 2021 report. We got the highest score possible of 5.0/5.0 in 16 of the 30 criteria that were evaluated. We specifically topped the scorecard in the Campaign Orchestration, Customer Data Management (tied) and Platform Architecture criteria. 

But I am sure you are curious about what this means to you as an enterprise marketer? Read on, as we take you through a deep dive into the report and break it down for you.

What is CCCM?

Forrester defines Cross Channel Campaign Management as 

Enterprise marketing technology that supports customer data management, analytics, segmentation, and workflow tools for designing, executing, and measuring campaigns for digital and offline channels.”

As a part of this research, Forrester covers three important aspects of cross channel campaign management that vendors  should provide-

Facilitate customer understanding by managing customer data and preferences, building customer profiles and delivering analytics.

Unify Cross-channel Orchestration across offline and online channels

Enable moments based customer experiences marketing that can deliver personalized, contextually relevant experiences to a brand’s customers

Forrester covers this space in a very holistic way by evaluating 30 criteria ranging from Customer Data Management to Campaign Orchestration to Native and third-party integrations and more. You can download a free copy of this report here. 

How Insider delivers Market-leading capabilities

Insider has been named a Leader in this report with the top score possible in 16 out of the 30 criteria. Let’s deep dive into a few key areas and how we help marketers deliver better cross channel experiences

Campaign Orchestration

The Forrester Wave report evaluated vendors for their ability to build experiences across 21 channels

I will let that sink in!

Customers are increasingly engaging with brands across offline and online channels and at the same time expecting a very consistent, seamless experience regardless of where they are. This is no easy task for marketers to keep up with this trend and we feel our customer journey orchestration product – “Architect” is purpose-built to solve this challenge. With a broad range of channels from onsite (Web and App) to messaging (Email, WhatsApp, Ads and more), Architect enables marketers to create journeys entirely in one single canvas. Marks & Spencer a leading British retailer was able to recover 15.1% of their abandoned carts with cross channel journeys by leveraging Architect

Customer Data Management

Every experience is as relevant and as strong as the data behind it. With our capabilities to ingest advanced data from web, app, eCommerce and offline stores, we make it easy for marketers to build 360 profiles of their customers. Our SDKs capture every single behavior to translate it into meaningful data on customer preferences and affinity. You can activate this data on any of the channels you are running through Insider or export profiles to any external platform. The Forrester report notes that Insider provides “the most flexible platform architecture in this study based on its localization and integration capabilities

Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning

Predictive and Machine Learning are fast becoming the favorite of enterprise marketers. It helps you make better, faster decisions with AI. Our products ranging from predictions for purchase to churn (and everything in between), recommendations, Auto A/B testing and more are helping marketers deliver hyper-tailored experiences to their customers. Our AI is super simple to deploy and does not require any data science know-how and works in a similar way for both anonymous and logged-in customers. Maty, a leading french watchmaker, achieved a 6% uplift in their average order value by leveraging Insider’s AI.

Why should Insider be the #1 choice for enterprise brands?

The  Forrester report covers a very important area of Cross-channel campaign management that is becoming a focus for every marketing team. MarTech landscape continues to explode with more than 7K+ technologies including platforms that are purpose-built for micro use cases to platforms that are one-stop shop for a bulk of use cases. This report provides a great framework to evaluate the essential capabilities needed to run a cross-channel program and drive higher ROI from it. Being named a Leader in the report validates for us our product capabilities and more importantly our market approach to helping brands succeed. Three things that we believe Insider brings to the table that makes it a leading choice

Build a customer-first strategy

With our platform, we enable you to build a customer-first strategy for your marketing. With leading capabilities from customer data management, journey orchestration and AI – all our products work in sync to help you build “one consistent customer profile” and target them based on the profile. This ensures that every campaign, promotion, journey, ad etc that you create, will always provide a consistent, personalized message with the relevant context. You can learn more about how leading companies like Mac Cosmetics, Marks & Spencer, Toyota, Samsung, Ikea and 800 other brands leverage Insider by exploring our success stories.

Metric driven marketing

Our platform consistently enables delivering higher than industry average returns to marketers. This is enabled by a very strong metric-driven approach starting right from the click rates all the way until the ROI of your entire cross-channel marketing setup. Read more on how Yves Rocher saw 7x ROI in 5 months with Insider. 

Team experience and productivity

At Insider we believe in investing in the experience of marketers and give them a similar personalized experience that they deliver to their customers. With our new UX launch earlier this year, we brought in a state-of-the-art UX to make building and deploying campaigns easier than ever. With several new features for better tagging, collaboration and security, Insider’s platform makes marketers more productive and achieve faster time to market.


For us, this position as a leader in Forrester Wave is a re-affirmation of what we have always believed in – A platform for enterprise marketers to create personalized, data-driven experiences for their customers. We continue to invest in making this better for enterprise marketers and further cementing ourselves as the #1 choice for marketers across the globe. You can read the report by downloading a free copy here. 

Srikant is a seasoned product marketing leader with 15+ years of experience in building and marketing SaaS products. As VP of Product Marketing at Insider, Srikant is responsible for Insider's product positioning, GTM and analyst relations. When not working on product marketing projects, Srikant loves exploring the design and engineering of things