MATY lifts average order value by 6% with the help of AI

The eCommerce team has become much more data-driven, and the team as Insider is always pushing us toward a culture of continuous improvement.


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About Maty

“Love, Create and Serve” is the motto that drives MATY. MATY is a leading French Watchmaker and Jewelry manufacturer, founded in 1951. The company operates 35 stores and an ecommerce website MATY.COM with more than 16 million visits each year. As a trusted brand with a large opt-in email database, MATY needed to find a new communication channel to communicate with their customers and to retain them.

Bringing back cart abandoners using the power of web push

MATY realized the percentage of cart abandoners on its website was high and it had to nudge them to return. The company had traditionally been using emails as a medium of communication with these users. What they required was a more effective channel - that did not require a database - for reducing cart abandonment.

The team at Insider suggested that MATY try out Cart Abandonment Push - a powerful web push feature offered by the company, that’s targeted at bringing back cart abandoners.

The cart abandonment web push notifications were highly effective and helped MATY achieve a 9.86% conversion rate on those abandoners.

Using Social Proof to encourage visitors to engage with products

MATY wanted to improve engagement on its product pages. The goal was to boost session duration and increase conversions on these pages. For this, MATY wanted an effective engagement tool that would turn visitors into buyers.

Working alongside Insider, MATY opted to implement Insider’s Social Proof on its product page. Social Proof creates a sense of urgency around a product by highlighting how many people have viewed or purchased it in the last 24 hours. This helps drive engagement on the product pages.

MATY observed stellar results from running the Social Proof campaigns on its product pages. They observed an average conversion rate uplift of 14.51%.

Making product recommendations more relevant with A/B Testing

MATY wanted to optimize product recommendations on its product page, and make them more relevant, by testing multiple variations to see what would work best. The existing page showed 3 relevant recommendations for each product page. MATY wanted to test if more product recommendations would improve engagement.

The team at Insider evaluated the plan and advised MATY to try out its A/B testing feature, using which MATY could test the two variations — one with 3 recommendations and another with 4 recommendations to see what delivers better results.

MATY observed a significant improvement in engagement on its product pages. The A/B testing campaigns drove a 6.69% uplift in Average Order Value (AOV) and a 9.69% uplift in incremental revenue.

Targeting website visitors with Instagram-like gamified overlays to improve engagement

MATY wanted to explore innovative methods to engage website visitors. They realized that one way of doing this was by using gamified or interactive onsite experiences. They wanted an interactive overlay on their homepage that would enthuse customers to engage.

Insider suggested the use of InStory — an Instagram-like storyline on the homepage that displayed trending products. Visitors would see all the products that MATY wanted to promote on top of the website, and the interactive nature of InStory would allow them to engage with these stories.

MATY observed an immediate improvement in the engagement metrics on its homepage. Using the InStory campaigns, MATY realized an Uplift of 5.29% in conversion rate and an AOV uplift of 2.74%.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, MATY will look to Insider’s powerful AI-backed segmentation and personalization capabilities to create unique customer groups, who can then be targeted with cross-selling campaigns. The jewellery major is also looking at improving lead-generation, using Insider’s tools, in a bid to expand new product communication.

The brand plans to continue optimizing the AOV metric as well as onsite engagement, while also looking to improve its retention strategy, boost repeat purchases, drive loyalty, and enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by delivering individualized customer experiences.

“Working with the Insider team has been a great experience. The Insider platform is very easy and simple to use. Within a couple of weeks, we have been able to launch more experiences than we used to do in a year! The ecommerce team has become much more data driven and the team as Insider are always pushing us toward a culture of continuous improvement.”

Ahmed Chinbou

Head of eCommerce - Interim Consultant, MATY

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