Insider named as the Best Mobile Marketing Software

We have topped the charts as the #1 Leader in the mobile marketing grid, outplaying other vendors with the highest user satisfaction. 100% of users rated us above 4, with 85% of our users us a 5-star rating.

  • 98% of users voted our customer support to be the best
  • 95% of users approve of our product direction
  • 92% of users ranked us #1 for our fastest integration

Powering 1200+ brands in delivering delightful customer experiences across channels

Backed by user love

We provide 3X faster TTV compared to other players

We offer the fastest time to value (TTV), up to 3X faster compared to other players owing to its fast integration, industry-specific best practices across 26 countries, growth consultation, and localized support that helps customers bypass the trial and error phase and realize ROI much faster.

Create mobile-first personalized cross-channel experiences

We are building strong cross-channel capabilities that offer seamless individualized experiences across channels like web, mobile, Email, WhatsApp, SMS, web push, and more to deliver highly consistent and relevant customer experiences across these channels.

Voted #1 for outstanding
Mobile Marketing features

Users ranked us as the best mobile marketing software owing to our industry-leading features and AI-led technology. We scored the highest in features like campaigns and promotions, push notifications, SMS, Messaging, Product Direction and more.

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One platform for individualized,
cross-channel customer experiences

Insider connects data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI, and individualizes experiences from a single platform with the fastest time to value.

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