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Garanti BBVA gets 4x more credit card applications

Discover how Garanti BBVA, a bank with 4.5 million monthly visitors, increased credit card applications, reduced their bounce rate, and uplifted engagement using InStory on their mobile website.

Greet customers with what matters to them

Don't get lost in a sea of sameness or lose their attention with irrelevant experiences. Serve up personalized products, content, and recommendations for each individual and watch engagement rates soar.

Irresistible upsell and cross-sell offers

You have eight seconds to make an impression. Connect visitors to relevant experiences as soon as they land on your website with AI-driven personalized stories. Reduce pointless clicks, maximize precious screen real estate, and drive more value across your sales funnel.

Proactive customer retention

Use the likelihood to churn prediction to proactively outreach to customers who are at high risk of switching brands. Custom tailor your outreach campaign to each individual with Architect, Insider’s cross-channel journey orchestration tool.

  • DIY Canvas
  • Offline Triggers
  • Dry Runs
  • Reachability Check
  • Test Journeys

Get them to take action even when they’re offsite

Wish you could reach customers who aren't on your site? Web and app push notifications to the rescue! Send personalized messages and recommendations based on individual needs and preferences even when users are offsite. Increase your ability to convert them at critical decision points in their journeys.

Templates designed to uplift conversions

Turn casual visitors into loyal customers with built-to-convert templates. Tap into the power of customizable exit-intent overlays, stories, push notifications, and gamified forms for one-to-one experiences that drive them closer to your goals.

  • Banner Analytics
  • Layout Optimization
  • A/B Experiments
  • Product Comparison Widget
  • Exit Intent
  • Surveys