How Sirius AI™ helps brands boost productivity and profitability by automating omnichannel journeys on Architect

Neeraj Manivannan

Dec 14, 2023

How Sirius AI™ helps brands boost productivity and profitability by automating omnichannel journeys on Architect Featured Image
Neeraj Manivannan

Dec 14, 2023

Achieving true personalization remains a significant challenge for many brands. The need for seamless user experiences and the increasing complexity of creating unique cross-channel customer journeys demand more innovative solutions. 

In this article, we’ll cover how marketers can combine the power of Insider’s AI solution, Sirius AI™, with our omnichannel customer journey builder, Architect, to ensure intelligent customer interactions at every stage of the customer journey.

Table of Contents
  1. The emergence of Generative AI

  2. Why is Generative AI a key differentiator for marketers?

  3. What is Sirius AI™?

  4. What is Insider’s Architect?

  5. Combining the power of Sirius AI™ and Architect

  6. What to expect from Sirius AI™ in the coming months

  7. Looking ahead

The emergence of generative AI

The emergence of Generative AI has marked a transformative milestone. As businesses grapple with the complexities of personalization and building seamless customer experiences, Generative AI has emerged as a key solution, offering unparalleled capabilities in content creation and user journey orchestration. Its ability to analyze inputs, generate marketing campaigns, and provide highly relevant segments in real time has revolutionized how marketers approach customer journey creation and engagement. 

This year, Generative AI has become the driving force behind increased productivity, efficiency, and personalized interactions, addressing longstanding challenges in marketing of bandwidth, resources, and time to pave the way for a new era of AI-powered innovation.

Why is generative AI a key differentiator for marketers?

Generative AI has emerged as a key differentiator in modern marketing, addressing the challenges of unmanageable workloads and manual effort in creating personalized customer journeys.

Its ability to produce diverse and personalized content at scale has transformed marketing strategies, enabling the automation of tasks like copywriting, campaign creation, and visual content generation. Marketers can also leverage generative AI for chatbots and virtual assistants, improving real-time customer interactions and providing tailored experiences. The efficiency and cost savings associated with automation allow marketers to stay agile and competitive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

What is Sirius AI™?

Sirius AI™ is Insider’s in-built comprehensive AI solution for elevating customer experiences. Sirius AI™ leverages advanced technologies, including OpenAI’s capabilities, to analyze inputs, deliver relevant segments and content copies, and generate user journeys with unprecedented efficiency. Our patent-pending Generative AI solution empowers marketing teams to achieve 60% higher productivity and unlock new levels of growth through high-performing customer experiences.

Powered by Insider’s unified customer data platform (CDP), Sirius AI™ ensures the accuracy of predictions and recommendations, resulting in unique and personalized journey recommendations for every customer.

What is Insider’s Architect?

Architect is Insider’s omnichannel journey orchestration solution, a unified customer journey builder designed to empower marketers to create seamless, personalized customer experiences across 12+ channels. As a unified journey canvas, Architect simplifies journey mapping, automates communications, and connects channels effortlessly. Its AI-powered capabilities ensure brands reach the right customers at the right time with the right message on the right channel—all from a single platform.

With native support across SMS, Email, WhatsApp, and ad platforms, beyond supporting the traditional web and app channels like Web Push, App Push, In-app, and On-site, Insider’s Architect helps marketers wave goodbye to disconnected customer experiences. It facilitates customer acquisition, onboarding, upselling, VIP engagement, and retention with tailored messages, ensuring a cohesive customer journey. The platform’s intuitive journey builder, featuring 70+ templates and A/B testing, optimizes strategies for increased revenue.

Combining the power of Sirius AI™ and Architect

Sirius AI™ will help streamline journey orchestration in Architect by eliminating manual efforts and guesswork. This powerful combination enables rapid segment creation, seamless journey orchestration, and automatic copy generation to help marketers achieve 60% higher productivity and efficiency.

Architect powered by Sirius AI™ positions itself as the go-to omnichannel journey orchestration solution for brands seeking substantial growth and revenue in the dynamic landscape of modern marketing. 

Here are 6 ways marketers can combine these tools to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and performance:

1. Craft journeys in no time with Smart Journey Creator

Sirius AI™ within Architect enables marketers to create seamless, personalized customer journeys across multiple channels in a few quick clicks. Marketers only need to outline their use case and expected outcome with a couple of prompts, then wait for Sirius AI™  to auto-generate the cross-channel customer journey optimized to achieve the necessary goals. 

The time required to create these journeys has been reduced to seconds and just a single click, with AI negating the need for manual guesswork. The technology learns from interactions and prompts from day one to continuously optimize and improve the recommendations and ensure the fastest time to launch cross-channel journeys.

Insider's cross-channel journey builder

2. Discover profitable segments 30X faster with Smart Segment Creator

By leveraging Insider’s AI suite and unified CDP, Sirius AI™ discovers the ideal target audience with accuracy, meaning marketers no longer have to waste time finding the right segments for campaigns manually. Marketers just need to input their use case and expected outcome, then let Sirius AI™ create ready-to-use segments for those business goals. This ensures marketers can tailor their strategies precisely, reaching the right audience with the right messages.

Insider's smart segment creator

3. Optimize your channel mix with Next Best Channel

Different people prefer different channels. Understanding these user preferences before engaging is essential for businesses to reach their customers as effectively as possible.

Sirius AI™ optimizes channel selection by analyzing customers’ channel preferences with Next Best Channel. Next Best Channel decides on the best channel option for each individual user. It leads them to the specified channel, with ‘Best’ referring to the highest possibility of engagement among the specified channels. This ensures that messages are delivered to the right customers at the right time on their preferred channels.

Insider's Next Best Channel

4. Build campaign content in seconds with Content Generator

With Sirius AI™, you can say goodbye to writer’s block. The technology generates copy automatically, helping marketers create personalized and engaging content across Web Push, App Push, Email, SMS, and WhatsApp in seconds, with no manual effort.

Marketers just need to input their use case, the specific industry vertical, and the expected outcome, then let Sirius AI™ create the message copies customized for the particular campaign strategy and the industry vertical type. Messages are automatically customized according to the channel for which they are created.

Insider's content generator

5. Ideal Time Selection with Send Time Optimization

Just like channel preferences, each user has a specific time of the day and week when they are more socially active and likely to react to messages, with times often varying from channel to channel, too. 

Sirius AI™ optimizes the timing of the messages businesses wish to send by leveraging Send Time Optimization. This feature ensures that messages are delivered at the most effective times to engage users more effectively and gain their attention when they are most likely to interact with the messages. This enhances customer engagement and overall campaign performance, driving customers closer to conversion.

Insider's  Send Time Optimization

6. Continuous Optimization with A/B Winner Auto-Selection

A/B Split Testing allows marketers to branch the flow of their journeys to compare the performance of two or more path variations. They can test the use of different channels, subject lines, in-body content, and more by randomly allocating defined audience percentages on each path. Depending on the specific business goal—increasing engagement rates, conversion rates, or revenues—they can identify the path variation that performs best and optimize it further to keep hitting those business goals.

With A/B Winner Auo-Selection, marketers no longer have to track the A/B split test results manually. Powered by Sirius AI™, this feature is aimed at continuous optimization by automatically selecting the A/B winners, helping marketers make edits to the journeys faster and on the go. This iterative improvement process ensures that customer journeys evolve and remain at the forefront of delivering exceptional experiences.

Insider's A/B Winner Auto-Selection

What to expect from Sirius AI™ in the coming months

Generative AI will continue to grow and expand over the coming years, which means the onus is on brands to ensure they’re working with partners focused on delivering state-of-the-art AI solutions. 

Insider will continue positioning itself at the forefront of AI innovation in 2024 to help marketers worldwide deliver seamless customer experiences in half the time. 

Here are the new AI innovations you can expect from us in the coming months:  

  • Image generation: We’re building Image Generation to help supplement Content Generation with rich images across each channel. With Image Generation, Sirius AI™ will be able to generate visuals to go alongside marketing messages based on the use case, goal, industry, and final message copy. This will ensure complete marketing messages can be created and delivered purely using Sirius AI™. 
  • Content scoring:  We plan to improve our Content Generation capability by introducing content scoring to analyze how the message content performs and engages with customers. Based on these insights, Sirius AI™ will be able to recommend the best copies that would most likely generate better engagement.
  • Analytics: In the longer term, we plan to expand our Generative AI capabilities into Analytics to deliver Predictive Analytics capabilities. With Predictive Analytics, Sirius AI™ will be able to analyze the performance of campaigns and suggest the right alternatives to improve results based on business goals. 

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, Insider remains committed to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring Sirius AI™ remains a trusted solution for businesses seeking to elevate their CX strategies.

Looking ahead

We’ll continue to ensure Sirius AI™ redefines the benchmarks for intelligent customer interactions and remains a trusted partner for businesses seeking to elevate their CX strategies. 

Want to learn more about how Architect, powered by Sirius AI™, can improve your omnichannel customer engagement? Book a demo with one of our experts today.

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