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How Safat Home increased AOV by 17% and CVR by 18% in six months with Insider’s Personalization Suite

Smart Recommender
AMP for Email


incremental revenue gained


increase in CVR
via Smart Recommender


increase in CTR
via AMP for Email


increase in AOV






Mobile Marketing


Push Notifications


AMP Email

Smart Recommender

We’ve been using Insider across website and mobile, including Web Suite, Smart Recommender, Email, and Web Push. We’re truly amazed with the results we’ve seen since implementing their Smart Recommender technology. In just a week after the implementation, we saw our conversion rate improve by up to 22% and our bounce rate decrease by 60%. We’ve also managed to increase AOV by 17% in just 6 months.

Ecommerce Manager at Safat Home

Executive summary

Founded in 2004, Safat Home is one of the leading home and furniture companies in Kuwait. 

They have six brick-and-mortar stores but began to shift their focus to online eCommerce following the COVID-19 pandemic. They were looking for a platform that could help them improve product discovery across over 5,000 products, and enable a strategic retargeting approach. Having noticed their conversion rate for new visitors was low, they needed a platform that could help them improve these key metrics by delivering a more compelling digital experience—one that encouraged customers to engage better and convert.

Why Insider?

Safat Home was looking for a single solution that could help them improve key metrics, such as average order value (AOV), conversion rate, and bounce rate. They also needed a platform that could help them scale their digital operations in the future—quickly and efficiently. Insider offered everything they needed for success; connecting data from multiple channels, predicting future behavior with AI, and enabling them to create individualized experiences from a single platform.

Driving $310K in incremental revenue by delivering personalized, AI-powered customer experiences

The challenge

The eCommerce team at Safat Home was looking for smart ways to increase product discovery on their website to improve their conversion rate and generate more sales. They also wanted to reduce their bounce rate.

We were truly amazed at the results we’ve seen after implementing Insider’s Smart Recommender technology. In just a few weeks after implementation, we saw our conversion rates improve significantly and bounce rate reduce by 60%.”

Ecommerce Manager 

The solution

Working closely with Insider’s growth experts, the team leveraged Insider’s AI-backed tools to build a relevant, timely, and high-performing website experience. 

Firstly, they used Smart Recommender—a tool for providing relevant product recommendations based on 18 different algorithms—to show customers other products they might be interested in to encourage engagement and discovery. 
Secondly, they used AMP for Email to build compelling emails that showcased the most relevant products for each customer. Using Insider’s no-code AMP blocks and pre-built templates, Safat Home was able to build engaging inbox experiences that allowed users to take action from within the email—minimizing clicks, scrolls, and redirects while increasing product discovery.

The results


incremental revenue gained


increase in CVR


Increase in AOV
via Smart Recommender


increase in pageviews
via Smart Recommender


“After the incredible success we’ve seen since implementing Insider’s Smart Recommender solution on our website, we’ve now added Smart Recommender to our email strategy too. This helped increase the CTR of our emails by 22%!”

Ecommerce Manager 

Favorite feature


Safat Home’s favorite feature is Insider’s AI-backed Smart Recommender which helped their customers discover relevant products quickly and efficiently on their website and via Email. This helped increase product pageviews by a whopping 40% and helped drive a whopping $310K in incremental revenue.

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