MadeiraMadeira improves Average Order Value and achieves a 3.5 higher Conversion Rate with WhatsApp

MadeiraMadeira, Brazil’s biggest Home Goods platform, partners with Insider to deliver the best customer experience with cross-channel communications.


higher conversion rate with Whatsapp

About MadeiraMadeira

Headquartered in Brazil, MadeiraMadeira is the biggest homegoods platform in Brazil. It offers over 300,000 products so customers can build, furnish, renovate, and decorate their homes using only their smartphones or computer.

Founded in 2009, in Curitiba, MadeiraMadeira’s road to success has included 100% year-on-year growth, even during the pandemic, as people switched to shopping from home. Also, in 2021, the company has earned its unicorn status, worthing now more than $1 billion.

Fast Integration and results within the first week

According to Robson Privado, MadeiraMadeira’s COO, their primary goal when searching for a technology partner was to provide the best customer experience and enable cross-channel communication with customers and visitors.

With Insider on board, MadeiraMadeira posted positive cross-channel communication results within one week. Insider’s fast and efficient integration ensured that the company could create personalized content with ease and at speed.

Integration is a process that can take months. But Insider ensured that MadeiraMadeira’s communication channels were seamlessly integrated in less than one week. This was very critical for the home product company as it was looking to integrate critical teams like tech, product, and Q&A. The easy and high-speed integration resulted in higher efficiency and a 52 times higher ROI for MadeiraMadeira.

3.5 times higher conversions with personalized WhatsApp messages

Today, WhatsApp is the main channel of customer communication in Brazil. With Insider, MadeiraMadeira enjoyed the dual benefits of best-in-class integration along with high-quality as well as high-value performance in terms of customer engagement.

Using Insider’s tools, the Brazilian home product giant was able to test its WhatsApp channel with personalized content in minutes. The company saw an increase in AOV and posted 3.5 times higher conversion rates than its website average. To Pamela Melo, Marketing Manager at MadeiraMadeira, with Insider the marketing team have managed to run one of the most successful WhatsApp campaigns in the industry with personalized, contextual, and timely communication, including campaign promotions, purchase confirmations, order updates, reminders, and so much more, for each user. 

Taking cross-channel customer journeys to the next level with AI-led next-best channel prediction for every individual

What impressed MadeiraMadeira the most about Insider was the seamless and high-speed integration with its AI-led customer journey orchestration platform. While the company’s customers actively use WhatsApp to communicate with the brand, there are others who also prefer email or SMS. With Insider, the company was able to tie together customer experiences across channels to deliver more value. Insider’s AI-led next best channel prediction capabilities helped the company reach their customers on their preferred channels, at the right time, significantly improving results.

“I would definitely recommend Insider to any brand that is looking to bring better value in its customer communication. Insider has a unique way of tying together channels in one single journey where we were actually able to communicate better with each customer. On top of that, the Insider team is very open to new ideas and is always looking to innovate. The Insider team is also really supportive of all the crazy ideas that we have.”

Pamela Melo

Marketing Manager, MadeiraMadeira

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