How Rivièra Maison achieved 17.08% Uplift in Average Order Value (AOV) using Onsite Personalization


Uplift in AOV


uplift in AOV


conversion rate uplift

Rivièra Maison

Rivièra Maison was founded on the Amsterdam Overtoom when Jacques and Dini Teunissen opened a flower shop on March 1, 1948. Dina and Jacques son, Henk took over the business in 1985. The brand grew rapidly in The Netherlands and spread throughout Europe. Today, Rivièra Maison is an international home and interiors brand with global reach. Exclusivity, atmosphere, and service are their core values. The continuously changing collections are contemporary, surprising, and create the warm feeling of being at home wherever you might be. Home is where you can be you.

The exclusive collections of Rivièra Maison are made with an eye for detail and materials that are “alive,” contributing to their furniture and accessories’ unique appearance.

Simplifying Onsite Navigation Directing Users to Popular Products

The Home and Furniture segment offers a large range of products, making it difficult for users to find popular products on the website. Rivièra Maison wanted to simplify product discovery and site navigation, making it easier and faster for their customers to find the perfect products.

Insider’s AI-powered capabilities helped identify different user behavior patterns and recommend relevant product categories, making it easier to navigate the site. Personalized “top searches” were added to the main navigation.

Rivièra Maison observed a 17.08% uplift in Average Order Value using this strategy.

Promoting Recently Viewed Products to Prompt Customers to complete their Purchase.

Rivièra Maison observed that their average customer would search for multiple product categories in multiple visits, before abandoning their search. The brand needed to find a way to engage users off-site and direct users back to the products they’d forgotten to complete their purchase.

With Insider, the Rivièra Maison were able to create a personalized and convenient overlay for returning visitors, highlighting their “Recently Viewed Products”. This powerful tactic shortcuts the time a user takes to navigate to the Product Detail Page to help them complete their purchase with the minimal number of clicks.

Rivièra Maison observed a 12.25% uplift in AOV using this capability. The campaign was so succesful that the business is adding a “Recently Viewed Products” as a native content block on the website.

Reducing Check-out Drop-off using Pre-filled Forms for Faster Checkout

Rivièra Maison observed that numerous users dropped off at the checkout page, before completing their purchases. The brand wanted to arrest user drop-off by identifying the pain points and exploring ways to deliver better onsite experiences.

Insider suggested implementing pre-filled forms to improve the checkout experience and reduce manual effort by the customer. Additionally, these pre-filled placeholders gave users direction, positively impacting their checkout experience.

Rivièra Maison observed a 7.38% uplift in conversion rate from this strategy.

Looking Ahead

The Rivièra Maison team are currently focusing on further optimizing their newly revamped user experience, with help from Insider.

But, they have big plans to increase their personalization strategies across their website and digital channels, in the very near future.

Rivièra Maison intends to use Insider’s advanced segmentation capabilities to help identify and target different user groups with highly personalized campaigns, content and product recommendations.

“With Insider, we can deliver the same great customer experience online that we provide in-store. We feel confident that we have made the right choice because of the ease of integration, complementary product stack, and Insider’s experienced team of growth consultants. For brands looking to achieve their full spectrum of digital growth goals, Insider is a good choice.“

Ruggero Loda

Head of E-Commerce, Rivièra Maison

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