How HipVan Achieved Conversion Rate Uplift of 46.7% Using Individualized Cross-Channel Journey Orchestration

About HipVan

HipVan is Singapore’s leading online furniture store with the value proposition of offering stylish designs and quality products at honest prices. With over 5,000 unique designs to choose from, visitors are treated with a wide range of styles from Bohemian to Modern to Minimalist. 

HipVan believes that everyone deserves to live in an inspiring home, and are on a mission to make designer furniture affordable to all.

Founded in: 2013

Numbers of stores: Online model

Operates in: Singapore

Number of employees: 30+

Improved product discovery with AI-powered smart recommendations.

HipVan was facing high drop-off rates on the product pages and the product discovery solution in place was ineffective. A good percentage of visitors came from google ads and if the product on Hipvan was not what they were looking for they would exit. Hipvan wanted to improve the average session duration and onsite engagement.

Having understood the challenge, Insider suggested the use of its AI-powered recommendations — Smart Recommender — which would optimize product discovery by showing users products based on their behavior. This ensured that every user would see personalized recommendations. HipVan implemented Smart Recommender with A/B testing to identify the most optimal scenarios.

In just a month, May 2021, HipVan observed a Conversion Rate Uplift of 6.03% from smart recommendations and A/B testing resulting in an additional 80 conversions per month.

Improved customer re-engagement using individualized cross-channel journey orchestration

HipVan realized that re-engaging customers was a vital aspect of the customer lifetime journey and key to improving retention rates. They were also keen on re-engaging users who were first-time visitors and have not left their contact details. The challenge was in creating an efficient cross-channel strategy that was personalized and would not come across as spammy.

The Strategic Account Management team at Insider opted for Architect — Insider’s cross-channel journey orchestration tool — to tackle the challenge by crafting unique journeys for individual customers and weaving different retargeting channels such as web push, emails, and mobile app push into one cohesive experience for the user. Journeys were personalized based on the stage of the user journey – cart abandonment journeys, browse abandonment journeys, and welcome journeys

The retargeting campaigns resulted in a conversion rate uplift of 46.7% compared to the sitewide average during Q1 of 2021.

Multichannel Personalized Journey with Architect Retargeting Browse Abandonment Users

Insider HipVan automated email journeys

Looking Ahead

Soon HipVan will look to further explore Architect and use-cases around building customized user journeys. HipVan will continue to focus on improving conversion rates, add to cart rates and product page view with the existing solutions while also focusing on creating more accurate user personas to create and deliver customer journeys that are more detailed and narrowed down to user-intent and micro-segments – examples of which are: new home owners, home-upgrade users, impulsive shoppers, etc.

''Insider has been a trusted growth partner for almost 5 years and the long-term partnership has been fruitful. We greatly appreciate their support alongside our own growth. We’ve seen the growth of the Insider product over the course of 5 years, not only in breadth but in depth as well. We look forward to extracting even greater value from the platform moving forward.''

Shobhit Datta

Chief Marketing Officer

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