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How Intersport increased AOV by 4% with personalized website experiences

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Thanks to Insider, we didn’t have to activate each campaign manually, which dramatically improved our efficiency and productivity.”

Omnichannel Director at Intersport Poland

Executive summary

Intersport’s onsite experiences were generic which was damaging customer trust and engagement. With a huge catalog, it wanted a personalization platform that could deliver highly-tailored onsite content to its customers to strengthen brand love and drive more revenue.

Insider’s deep segmentation capabilities with 120+ filterable attributes enabled Intersport to build onsite experiences based on the weather in each shopper’s location. By doing this, Intersport offered a more contextual, relevant experience which increased AOV by a huge 4%. Insider also supported Intersport with an offline-to-online strategy, the goal was to bring in-store shoppers online so that InterSport could have stronger, more frequent touchpoints. The strategy led to a huge 5,300 new sign-ups to the Intersport newsletter, helping to bridge the gap between the two revenue streams.

About Intersport

Established in 1968, INTERSPORT International Corporation is the world leader in the distribution of sporting goods. Operating in 63 countries with 5,830 stores, it is one of the most recognizable, best-loved sports retailers in the world. The company is passionate about bringing ‘Sport to the people’, and has a catalog of thousands of products, making it a go-to for sportsmen and women, no matter their age or experience.


Personalizing customer experiences with relevant product recommendations 

The challenge

Product popularity is dependent on seasonality. With thousands of products in its catalog, Intersport wanted to incorporate this seasonality to increase the relevancy of product recommendations and offers. At the time, customers were receiving irrelevant, unrelated offers that weren’t driving sales—for example, highlighting both rain jackets and running shoes in mid-summer.

The solution

The Insider team suggested using Insider’s Web Suite to build unique online experiences for each visitor based on specific triggers and attributes pulled from Insider’s Customer Data Platform. Intersport used Insider’s CDP to power the Weather Trigger, launching promotional pop-ups and banners based on the weather in the visitors’ location. 

In wet, cold weather, the homepage displayed rain jacket promotions; and when the weather was hot, the banners would promote road running shoes and other warm-weather sports apparel. The relevancy of these product promotions helped increase AOV by 4%.

The results


increase in AOV

The entire campaign was fully automated, with different homepage banners triggered depending on the weather in the shopper’s location. We were able to focus on other key marketing initiatives, knowing that Insider’s platform was handling the entire weather-based campaign for us.”

Omnichannel Director at Intersport Poland


Bridging the gap between offline and online with Insider’s lead collection templates

The challenge

Intersport was looking to increase sign-ups to its newsletter to keep customers updated on its latest products and campaigns. The team knew that while most in-store customers visited with a sole purpose, they’d made little effort to turn them into online customers, too. Moving offline customers online would increase the touchpoints and visibility of Intersport, so the team turned to Insider for suggestions on how to better capture its in-store visitors.

The solution

Insider suggested creating a flow in which customers could scan a QR code in-store to sign up for Intersport’s newsletter. Leaflets were laid out at Intersport stores, and when customers scanned the QR code, they would be offered 5% off in exchange for their details in Insider’s lead collection template. The offline-to-online lead collection strategy was a huge success, generating over 5,300 new leads and newsletter signups. Intersport could then build stronger connections by sending relevant offers and promos directly to its customers across online touchpoints, too.

Together with Insider, we built a lead generation strategy to combine both online and offline worlds to increase newsletter sign-ups. Thanks to this campaign, we generated over 5,300 new leads.”

Omnichannel Director at Intersport Poland

The results


new leads collected


“Insider has helped us address all of our eCommerce and marketing needs around communication and boosting key metrics. We have everything in one place, which makes the creation and launch of the campaign process very easy and fast, and it doesn’t require IT support.”

Omnichannel Director at Intersport Poland

Looking ahead

Intersport is looking at incorporating Insider’s other solutions into its marketing efforts, including WhatsApp Commerce. WhatsApp Commerce is a two-way messaging solution that boosts product discovery and offers end-to-end buying experiences. Intersport is looking to leverage this to increase conversions and make finding complementary, relevant products even easier for its customers.

Favorite feature

Customer Data Platform

Intersport’s favorite feature is Insider’s Customer Data Platform. The CDP unifies customer data and provides 360-degree profiles of each customer to power advanced personalization, as seen in Intersport’s location-based and weather-related promotions.

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