How Huawei increases sales with web push notifications

About Huawei

The China-based multinational telecommunications manufacturer is one of the most successful businesses in the world. Founded in 1987 and has grown from a mere 5,680$ billion company, Huawei has evolved into one of the world’s most trusted telecommunications brands. With a business presence in over 170 countries, including Russia, Huawei has turned over 39 billion USD since its creation and upholds its reputation based on innovation, quality products and customer trust.

Combating Cart Abandonment​

According to American Marketing Associate, shopping cart abandonment is a growing concern for retailers, rates averaging 60-80%. There are many reasons why visitors abandon their carts, such as shipping fees, getting distracted by other sites, deciding to browse other sites to compare prices, or simply not being sure that the item is really the right one to buy.

Like many other retailers, the convenience of online shopping has provided Huawei’s customers with the opportunity to shop whenever and wherever they like. However, the same facility has given them the chance to leave their carts without making a purchase.

To improve their conversions and decrease cart abandonment, Huawei was looking for a solution to encourage customers to complete their purchases.

How Conversion Push Worked For Huawei

Using Insider’s web push notification technology, Huawei was able to effectively communicate a personalized cart reminder message to bring site visitors who had not yet completed their purchase back to the site. The cart abandonment web push notifications increase off-site conversion potential and help retain customers. Through a tailored message reminding visitors what’s left in their carts and an enticing call-to-action Huawei was able to drive conversions


Throughout the duration of the campaign with Insider, Huawei experienced a significant increase in cart completion ratio by leveraging web push notifications and parallel to this an increase in overall sales.

“Using Insider we leverage predictive segments which help us deliver specific offers to those cart abandoners who are more likely to make a purchase, driving even better results. Insider helps us do everything we used to do to better to deliver great customer experiences.”

Tan Mingyang

Self-Operated E-Mall Dept Owner

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