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How Huawei increased cart completion rate by 11% with Web Push notifications

Web Push



in cart completion rate






Web Push


Predictive Segments
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Huawei partnered with Insider to combat shopping cart abandonment by leveraging personalized Web Push notifications. By combining Insider’s Customer Data Platform with AI-native predictive segments, Huawei targeted potential customers more effectively, resulting in an 11% increase in cart completion rates. This strategy not only reduced customer acquisition costs but also enhanced overall customer experiences.

Marketing Manager

About Huawei

China-based multinational telecommunications manufacturer, Huawei, stands as one of the world’s most successful businesses. Founded in 1987, the company has surged from a modest $5.68 billion entity to become a global powerhouse. Renowned for its innovation, commitment to quality, and unwavering customer trust, Huawei has solidified its position as one of the best brands in the telecommunications industry. Operating in over 170 countries, including Russia, Huawei boasts a remarkable turnover of $39 billion since its inception.


Increasing cart completion rate by 11% with personalized Web Push notifications

The challenge

Shopping cart abandonment poses a significant challenge for retailers, with abandonment rates averaging between 60-80%. There are numerous factors contributing to this trend, including shipping fees, distractions from other websites, price comparison browsing, and uncertainty about the product.

For Huawei, like many other retailers, the convenience of online shopping empowers customers to shop at their leisure. However, it also opens the door for customers to abandon their carts without completing their purchases. Huawei was looking for a solution to boost conversions and reduce cart abandonment rates.

The solution

Huawei partnered with Insider, leveraging its Web Push capability to send personalized cart reminder messages to bring back site visitors who hadn’t completed their purchase. Using Insider’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), the marketing team was able to craft tailored Web Push notifications that reminded customers about the specific items they had waiting in their basket. 

The team also leveraged Insider’s AI-native predictive segments to only target customers with a high likelihood to convert, helping to reduce CAC and improve their bottom line.

Using Insider’s personalization platform, we can leverage predictive segments which help us to deliver specific offers to cart abandoners who are more likely to make a purchase, driving even better results. Insider helps us do everything we need to do but even better to deliver great customer experiences.”

Marketing Manager

The results



in cart completion rate

Looking ahead

The team at Huawei is now looking to expand its personalization initiatives using Insider’s advanced platform, including testing out Insider’s WhatsApp solution to build stronger customer relationships via two-way messaging.

Favorite feature

Web Push

Huawei’s favorite Insider feature is Web Push, which has helped the marketing team drive an 11% increase in cart completion rate.

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