Learn the top 5 benefits of a customer data platform to build the best personalization strategy in your marketing career

Katie Morley

Feb 19, 2024

Katie Morley

Feb 19, 2024

76% of consumers expect personalized experiences and feel disappointed when they don’t receive them. Research also shows that personalized marketing campaigns can increase revenue by 40%. So, if you’re not personalizing your campaigns, your bottom line is missing out. 

Personalization is a huge part of the customer experience, so it’s no surprise businesses are continually searching for new ways to elevate their personalization to drive business growth.

Delivering a personalized experience requires a good understanding of your customer: their behaviors, preferences, and real-time actions. You need to be able to analyze and leverage this data effectively, leveraging the benefits of a Customer Data Platform (CDP). For that, you need a CDP.

Unsure whether a CDP is for you and your business? Our blog delves deep into what CDP is, its benefits, how to power your personalization strategy with CDP, and success stories. Let’s get started!

Table of Contents
  1. What is a customer data platform (CDP)?

  2. 5 benefits of a CDP for marketers to drive results at scale

  3. NA-KD increases CLTV by 25% and achieved 72x ROI with Insider’s CDP

  4. Drive revenue with 360-degree customer views of every customer with Insider

  5. FAQ

What is a customer data platform (CDP)?

Customer data platforms (CDPs) help you to assemble customer profiles, orchestrate customer interactions, and accelerate data delivery to analytics and engagement tools. It’s a software solution that serves as a centralized hub for real-time collecting, managing, and analyzing customer data from various sources for data-driven targeting

For example, leading retail chain, Dover Saddlery, achieved 27X ROI and generated $2M incremental revenue by better understanding its audience and creating segmentation strategies to engage shoppers using Insider’s CDP.

Dover Saddlery used Insider’s CDPto create an engaging customer experience

5 benefits of a Customer Data Platform for marketers to drive results at scale

A (Customer Data Platform) CDP provides numerous advantages for businesses looking to improve communication and engagement. Let’s break them down: 

1. Unify online and offline data to create 360-degree profiles

The purpose of identity resolution is to unify all of your data, offline and online, enabling you to correlate each behavioral action with a distinct customer or user profile to better understand your customers’ actions and preferences.

Imagine having all your customer data, from website interactions to email engagement, offline purchases, call center interactions, and more, consolidated into a comprehensive view. With a CDP, this becomes a reality. CDPs like Insider unify data from hundreds of channels and integrations to provide a 360-degree customer view that marketers can leverage to deliver personalized experiences. 

These customer profiles provide insights on everything, from behaviors and actions to interests and preferences, all displayed in a single dashboard.

Insider customer journey analytics offers a 360-degree view of customers

2. Design a seamless personalization strategy at scale

Personalization is the only way to get ahead in modern marketing, and a CDP is the key to achieving it. Insider’s CDP allows businesses to create personalized experiences across 12+ channels, to build experiences for every use case and industry. 

By leveraging unified customer data, marketers can deliver tailored, contextual content, product recommendations, notifications, and alerts, to reach customers on the right channel at the right time with the right message. Customers love feeling seen and valued, so this level of personalization is one of the most effective ways to boost CLTV and drive conversions. 

Insider customer data platform (CDP) customer behavior options

3. Create omnichannel experiences that customers love

Research shows that brands with omnichannel customer engagement strategies turn 89% of buyers into loyal customers, while brands who aren’t using omnichannel marketing only retain 33%.

Customers expect consistent omnichannel experiences across various touchpoints because it builds trust and reliability. This expectation for consistency highlights the significance of adopting an omnichannel strategy, ensuring that every interaction aligns with your customers’ expectations and fosters lasting loyalty.

AI-powered features of customer journey builder

4. Gain data-backed decisions for actionable insights

A powerful CDP goes beyond data collection and customer data integration—it then turns that data into actionable insights. 

Marketers can make informed decisions about their marketing strategies by analyzing customer behaviors and preferences. You can bridge the gap between online and offline interactions with API integration businesses to enhance their understanding of customer engagement across various channels. 

This analytical process helps marketers create a more holistic view of their customers, optimize campaigns, allocate resources effectively, and adapt strategies based on data-driven insights.

5. Improve your marketing team’s efficiency with automation capabilities

A CDP empowers marketers to harness the potential of AI-driven solutions, facilitating more effective campaign creation with the help of automation. This automation not only elevates the productivity of marketing teams but also guarantees that campaigns remain highly relevant and timely. 

With routine tasks efficiently managed by the platform, marketers can shift their focus to strategic initiatives, envision the bigger picture, and leave more space for creativity. 

NA-KD increases CLTV by 25% and achieved 72x ROI with Insider’s CDP

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from one of our satisfied customers to learn more about CDP use cases.

Fashion brand, NA-KD, achieved a remarkable 72X ROI within 12 months with Insider’s CDP and personalization features. This strategic approach resulted in a 25% increase in customer lifetime value, showing that CDPs can help you build and strengthen customer loyalty and achieve your business goals.

Example of NA-KD using Insider’s CDP

To learn how other brands have used Insider’s CDP to deliver exceptional personalized customer experiences and enhance metrics such as CVR, AOV, CLV, and ROAS, check out our case studies.

Drive revenue with 360-degree customer views of every customer with Insider 

Insider’s CDP seamlessly integrates data from 12+ channels, web and app SDKs, and hundreds of integrations to build your marketing strategy’s most comprehensive customer profiles.

The best customer data platforms, like Insider, are transformative for businesses looking to stay competitive, improve their marketing efforts, and work more efficiently. Insider’s CDP empowers companies to unlock their customer data’s full potential, allowing marketers to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Insider secures its top position in G2’s Fall 2023 reports, leading in seven categories, including CDP. Our platform boasts AI-powered segmentation and automation capabilities, making it the preferred choice for businesses looking to create cross-channel customer experiences. 

Insider G2 leader personalization mobile marketing CDP

Insider is rated as the best and most user-friendly CDP on G2. Our support team, renowned for achieving a user satisfaction score of 100/100, is ready to assist you in getting a streamlined approach that allows you to concentrate on audience segmentation, uncovering insights, driving revenue, and optimizing your marketing budget.

Join over 1,200 global brands, from high-growth startups to well-established enterprises, who have chosen Insider to centralize their data and tailor every aspect of their customers’ journeys. Schedule a demo with our team and discover how Insider can help you achieve your revenue goals.


What is CDP compliance?

CDP compliance refers to the adherence of CDP to industry-specific regulations and data protection laws, ensuring that the platform handles customer data legally. As a leading CDP provider, Insider emphasizes the importance of adhering to data protection standards, such as EU Data Protection regulations, to safeguard customer information and maintain trust.

What is customer data unification?

Customer data unification involves consolidating and integrating customer data from diverse sources into a comprehensive view. Insider’s CDP connects data from over 100 sources, enabling businesses to construct a 360-degree customer view of their behaviors, interests, and preferences. This comprehensive view allows more personalized and effective marketing strategies.

Is CDP real-time?

Yes. A core feature of CDPs is their ability to operate in real-time. Insider’s CDP empowers businesses to connect data across multiple channels, enabling marketers to make informed decisions.

Why is CDP so important?

CDP empowers businesses to craft personalized, data-driven customer experiences across various channels, ultimately driving growth and revenue. Insider’s CDP helps companies connect and unify customer data while leveraging AI solutions like Sirius AI™ to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

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