7 ways Insider ensures rapid time to value (TTV)

Katie Morley

Apr 17, 2023

7 ways Insider ensures rapid time to value (TTV) Featured Image
Katie Morley

Apr 17, 2023

With increasing pressure on brands to do more with less and get the most value possible out of their marketing technology (martech) stack, a rapid time to value (TTV) is one of the best ways to judge the success of your martech platform. 

Here are seven ways Insider ensures a rapid TTV and better return on investment (ROI) than your current martech.

Table of Contents
  1. In an uncertain economy, value for money is key

  2. How to define TTV

  3. Fast migration, implementation, and consolidation

  4. A single unified customer view and a single source of data

  5. Consolidate and optimize your existing martech solutions

  6. Save money on your martech spend

  7. Ease of use

  8. Boost revenue growth and CLTV

  9. Boost the overall ROI of the martech stack

  10. Insider is the best choice for boosting your marketing ROI and ensuring rapid TTV

In an uncertain economy, value for money is key

Seemingly never-ending conflict in eastern Europe. Rising food prices. Geopolitical tension between China and the United States. Banks going bust in Silicon Valley (and Switzerland!). Tech giants Meta and Google laying off thousands of employees. With all this chaos impacting the economy, it’s no wonder that enterprises are unsure of what the next 12 months have in store. 

We know that global consumer confidence is down while the costs of customer acquisition for brands are up 222%. Marketing budgets are reflecting the uncertainty, with some reports saying 60% of eCommerce brands plan to increase ad spend, while others are cutting back.

What’s increasingly clear is that C-suites want to see ROI. You have to justify the value of every marketing cent like never before. What’s also clear is that martech investments don’t always live up to their promises—as we explored in a previous blog. Therefore, the best way to judge your martech investment is probably by focusing on time to value.

How to define TTV

Time to value is a tricky metric that can encompass a wide range of factors. When reviewing testimonials from Insider clients, for example, many of them emphasize the importance of being able to personalize their marketing messaging. For them, they achieved value as soon as they were up and running with this functionality.

At its most basic, we can define time to value as the time it takes to achieve the effectiveness of an investment. The precise moment a client company reaches TTV can vary for this very reason. This is why we decided to go through and summarize the key values that our clients have highlighted, to show how Insider could help you achieve a rapid TTV in your marketing team.

1. Fast migration, implementation, and consolidation

Insider’s structured approach to implementation, migration, and consolidation results in a headache-free process that avoids any wasted time, meaning you can reach value as quickly as possible. (For more detail on that process, check out our previous blog on how Insider helps ensure a smooth implementation process.)

A key Insider strength here is the high level of support our clients receive during implementation, both for the IT team and the marketing team, who tend to love how quick and simple it is to get started. 

One of the reasons for this is that, unlike many competitors, we don’t outsource our support services to partners or agencies. All our technical and strategic support teams are 100% inhouse and committed to client success, which is why we often get comments from clients like the following:

Getting started with Insider was seamless, as we had the team guiding us step-by-step: from technical implementation to product usage.” 

— Reno Chow, Head of eCommerce at Lenovo; read the full case study.

At the same time, we tailor our integration approach around clients’ specific business needs. We always begin the process with a business kick-off meeting and come up with guidelines personalized to each project that ensure we’re aligned with all the key teams throughout implementation.


“The best advantage of their service is responsive technical support and quick implementation.” 

— Analysis and Operations Chief and Insider client; read the full review.

“The Insider team is very hands-on. With a lot of providers you pay for a managed service, but Insider’s partner success team helps us get the most out of the platform. The Insider team has felt like an extension of our own, and this helps us a lot because with many tech solutions this is not the case. Irrespective of the technology itself, the people at Insider are fantastic to work with—they are supportive and genuinely care.”

— Nick Blatt, Head of eCommerce & Digital Customer Experience at Chemist Warehouse; read the full case study.

2. A single unified customer view and a single source of data

For many clients, this is the biggest value they get from working with Insider. Typically, they have struggled to personalize their marketing effectively, often because all their customer data is in silos, where it hangs around and doesn’t get used to its full potential. 

Insider collects all the pertinent customer data from across your enterprise, wherever it sits—in emails, in CRMs, in your existing marketing point solutions—and keeps it in one place, where you can then use it to personalize your communications. This, for many, is the ultimate value, and so we do all we can to help our partners achieve this as quickly as possible. 

Orchestrating personalized customer experiences starts with a deep understanding of your customers. Rapidly growing European fashion brand NA-KD knew this, which is why they consolidated their tech stack of disconnected single-point solutions into a single unified solution, to finally achieve a 360-degree view of every customer. The result? A 25% uplift in customer lifetime value (CLTV) and a 72x ROI in just 12 months.

Watch their story below.


“We had a mountain of customer data but we really didn’t know what to do with it. Insider’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) helped us consolidate all the data from different channels and bring it into meaningful insights from where we could segment audiences better to build personalized campaigns.”  

— Growth and Digital Marketing Manager and Insider client; read the full review.


“Before Insider, we had access to customer data but we weren’t able to activate it effectively across channels. This resulted in siloed and often broken user experiences, impacting our user retention. With Insider in the mix, we can trigger these cross-channel experiences in real-time while also predicting what they’re likely to do next.”

— Insider client; read the full review.

3. Consolidate and optimize your existing martech solutions

Martech bloat is real. It leads to lost opportunities, higher costs, and lost revenues. Insider works to consolidate and optimize your existing tech stack, helping you realize what you can do without while integrating the essentials and getting more value out of them. This has also been a big selling point for many of our clients and something they find particularly valuable.


“Our existing tech stack, predominantly Salesforce, didn’t facilitate the level of personalization we wanted to provide to our customers. Insider enabled us to achieve our personalization goals, integrating easily with Marketing Cloud. Together they make a really powerful tech stack.”

— Sales and Merchandising Manager and Insider client; read the full review.


“Our biggest challenge was managing and operating various 3rd party tools for all our marketing needs. What we wanted was a one-stop-shop kind of a tool that would help us manage everything. That’s when Insider came along and we absolutely loved being able to consolidate all our requirements in one place. The product capabilities of the growth management platform are amazing and operate smoothly even under a lot of load.”

— eCommerce Manager and Insider client; read the full review.

4. Save money on your martech spend

Using Insider as an all-in-one martech platform helps our clients to save money in two ways. First, by helping them reduce their customer acquisition costs—a key consideration in a market where CACs have been increasing. Second, by consolidating the martech stack and offering a single customer acquisition and optimization platform, Insider makes clients’ martech suite simpler and cheaper to run.

This is particularly valuable when it comes to justifying the investment in a new martech platform to the C-suite—particularly the CFO. But it also offers peace of mind that you can avoid that all-too-common martech bloat and start running leaner and meaner. 

Take the example of Lego, who loved how they could simplify their previously complex and costly marketing processes using Insider:

“Insider’s team proactively supported us during the tech integration process, suggesting best practices that will help us squeeze more out of their platform. With Insider, our whole marketing process has been greatly simplified, and it is this, along with the admirable tech support, that makes them a great choice for us at LEGO/KOJ.”

— Francois Marque, Marketing & eCommerce Manager, Lego; read the full case study.


“Insider’s web conversion capabilities and AI-powered Smart Recommender have been easy to implement, help run complex experiments across pages and audiences, and improve relevant product discovery. All this directly impacts our conversion rates and revenue, bringing down our customer acquisition costs significantly.”

— Insider client; read the full review.


“One of the most impactful things from Insider has been how we have been able to save the costs of IT development because the platform is a self-service, easy-to-use interface that does all the work we would ever need on our website to create and execute new marketing campaigns.”

— Innovation Lab Manager and Insider client; read the full review.

5. Ease of use

Cutting time to value is perhaps best achieved by making a platform as easy as possible to use. This not only cuts down on training time; it also means your marketing teams can be executing campaigns within weeks if not days. 

According to many of our clients, this is another area where Insider excels, both in terms of how easy the software is to use day to day, and the support offered during initial setup. 


Creating campaigns was very easy and we were able to increase the number of journeys we were creating for many different scenarios… Within a few weeks of implementation of Onsite Personalization, we observed an uplift of 102% in conversion rates.”

— Insider client; read the full review.


Our favorite thing about Insider is the ease of use and integration of their tools.”

— Product Manager and Insider client; read the full review.


“The process from ideation to implementation is the quickest I have ever experienced with a tech partner… We love the ability to discuss new features and ideas we’ve seen across other sites on different platforms, and within a week or two, we are experimenting and testing that experience on our site.”

— Head of Digital and Insider client; read the full review.

6. Boost revenue growth and CLTV

With its AI-driven ability to help you track and predict customer behavior, of course Insider makes it easier for you and your team to win new clients, sure. But it can also help to optimize customer lifetime value (CLTV). By getting your granular 360-degree customer view, the more you personalize your messaging, the more you can increase cross-sell opportunities and build long-term relationships with your most loyal customers. 

The result of all this is higher conversion rates, higher sales, more revenue, and significant uplift to CLTV. 

“Insider helped us deliver highly-tailored experiences across our digital channels and improve our conversion rates significantly, reaching as high as 275%. Galaxy Note 9 contributed to 9% of the total sales on Samsung’s website within the 20 days after the device launched globally.”

— Baris Gokpinar, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung; read the full case study.

“The customization capabilities of Insider meant that we could personalize our notifications to deliver highly-relevant and individualized content to our customers. Using these features we were able to significantly improve our Average Order Value, CTRs, and Conversions in just two months.”

— Dmitriy Yakovlev, Head of Marketing at Burger King; read the full case study.

7. Boost the overall ROI of the martech stack

When you cut your marketing costs, simplify the tech stack, drive revenue growth, bring down the cost of customer acquisition, AND increase CLTV, what do you get?

A very happy C-suite and an appreciating eyebrow raise from your CFO, that’s what!

In all seriousness, Insider offers an unrivaled opportunity through this combination of factors to supercharge your ROI, especially when compared to what you have now. Remember what NA-KD had to say about their ROI?

“The partnership exceeded our expectations. Last year we observed 72x ROI and we’re so happy!”

— Doga Iyigun, CRM Manager at NA-KD; watch the case study video. 

At the same time, many clients compare us favorably to the solutions they were using before, pointing out how much better life is for them now:


“We are convinced that there’s nobody that does cross-channel customer journey automation and orchestration better than Insider. The platform has it all – ease of use, a wide variety of features, flexible templates for easy campaign creation, simple, straightforward data reporting, and a great customer support team to enhance the overall experience of using the platform.”

— Senior CRM Analyst and Insider client; read the full review.

Insider is the best choice for boosting your marketing ROI and ensuring rapid TTV

Going by the comments, case studies, and testimonials of our 1,200-plus clients—many of them leaders in their category—Insider is simply better than what they were using before. It offers a significant ROI and a rapid TTV, by focusing on a tried and tested process that gets marketing teams up and running with the data, the analysis, and the campaign tools they need within weeks.  

That said, we know that every brand and marketing team has slightly different challenges, needs, and priorities. This is why it’s best to try a demo of Insider for yourself.

Try Insider for yourself

Katie is an award-winning content marketer with over eight years of experience in content strategy, development, and copywriting. As Global Content Director at Insider, she currently oversees content strategy across 26 regions. Fun fact: Katie read 64 books last year (for which she owes a long commute and two week-long holidays where she spent approximately six hours a day with her nose in a book).