Onsite personalisation improves Chemist Warehouse’s revenue by 26.7% vs. a control group

The Insider team is very hands-on- with a lot of providers you pay for a managed service, but Insider’s partner success team helps us get the most out of the platform.


Uplift in revenue Sticky Filters


Increase in sales Tab Talk


Uplift in revenue Social Proof

About Chemist Warehouse

Chemist Warehouse Group (trading as Chemist Warehouse, Chemist Warehouse New Zealand, My Chemist, My Beauty Spot) is an Australian company operating a chain of retail pharmacies both locally and internationally. The company is Australia’s largest pharmacy franchise retailer with over 350 stores, and employs over 8,000 staff. The company brands itself as offering discounted prices for pharmaceutical goods. The company also manages a website and a “click and collect” 24 hour dispense either pick-up and delivery service for medications.

Smoother product browsing experience with Sticky Filters

When a user scrolled down on a category page with filters for browsing products and later wanted to change them, they had to scroll back up all the way to change filters. This was causing unnecessary friction and providing a less than desired experience.

Chemist Warehouse implemented Sticky Filters with Insider’s help, where the filter tabs stay in view no matter how far the user scrolls. This was beneficial as users could browse products but narrow their search if they changed their mind halfway, without having to scroll to the top.

This improved the product browsing and discovery experience on Chemist Warehouse’s website,leading to an increase in revenue of 2.15% vs a control group.

Bringing back distracted customers with Tab Talk

It is common for people to have many tabs open and get distracted and forget to complete their purchase when shopping online. Chemist Warehouse was looking for a solution to bring people back to their web page in an effective & non-intrusive manner.

The customer success team at Insider suggested using Tab Talk, a unique solution that dynamically changes the text on the tab of the web page, especially when the customer has left the tab open and is doing something else on another tab in their browser. For example, showing that the website visitor has left something in their cart allows them to come back and complete the purchase journey, even if it had been previously abandoned.

This eye-grabbing solution was successful in getting some of the visitors to return to the website and make a purchase, leading to an increase in sales of 3.2% vs a control group.

Enhanced product adoption using Social Proof

Chemist Warehouse hosts a huge number of products & categories, and it is significantly harder to introduce customers to new products when they are shopping online, since often they come with specific products on their mind that they look for and shop.

To increase the adoption of new products, Chemist Warehouse leveraged Insider’s trust-building solution, Social Proof, which allows customers to see how many other people have bought or are looking at a certain product.

This solution inculcated a sense of trust in customers because others were also buying or looking at the same items, leading to a huge 26.7% uplift in revenue vs a control group after its usage.

Looking Ahead

Chemist Warehouse looks to further improve their sales and conversion metrics in the future, along with re-engagement. They’re also planning to focus more on bettering CX and offering more personalized experiences across different channels. They are currently trying out Insider’s Architect, SMS & WhatsApp products, and have included them in the roadmap, moving forward. 

"The Insider team is very hands-on- with a lot of providers you pay for a managed service, but Insider’s partner success team helps us get the most out of the platform. The Insider team has felt like an extension of our own, and this helps us a lot because with many tech solutions this is not the case. Insider allows us to make changes quickly with messaging, improve customer experiences, and allows us to be much more agile. Irrespective of the technology itself, the people at Insider are fantastic to work with — they are supportive & genuinely care."

Nick Blatt

Head of E-Commerce & Digital Customer Experience

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