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  • How this fast-food giant boosted sales with one simple message

    Using a pop-up message to give visitors the option to add a slice of apple pie to their baskets during checkout, McDonald’s observed a 12.89% uplift on average order value (AOV) and the conversion rate increased by 7.64%.

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  • 41.48% increase in AOV using innovative techniques to highlight site promotions

    Using search box as a discount display element, the world’s largest retailer of health and wellness products was able to weave their message seamlessly into the user experience.

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  • Using urgency messaging to drive engagement and increase conversions

    Insider’s advanced personalization technology enabled that the code was not given to the customer until the final purchasing stage. This meant that it couldn’t be published on affiliate sites, or be shared elsewhere. This allowed Lenovo to track the exact impact of the coupon on both conversions and engagement, and ensure that the offer remained “special”.

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