Understanding the past is cool, but predicting the future is magic.

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Predictive Analytics

Predict visitors’ next move and drive highly effective marketing decisions.

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Web Personalization

Build personalized customer experiences on any device, boost your conversions!

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Behavioral Targeting

Real time user based behavioral analysis & segmentation on-the-go.

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A/B Testing

Built-in A/B/n and Multivariate testing to provide your business with the most accurate and useful data. Measure & optimize as you go.

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Mobile marketing automation solution enriched by push notifications, in-app behavioral targeting and testing.

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Email Targeting

Optimize your emails with targeting and personalization, deliver the right experience.

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World Class Service

Tailored for your business

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Fast Implementation

In the blink of an eye

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Compatible with all

It’s added to the template files only

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Cross Device Platform

Works on any device

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We work with the world’s leading brands

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