Lexus drives lead generation with AI-backed exit-intent messages

Insider’s personalized take on lead generation helped us improve our conversion rate by a whopping 64%.


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About Lexus

Lexus is synonymous with the premium car market. A division of Toyota Motors, Lexus is one of Japan’s largest premium car makers.
It is consistently ranked in the top 10 car manufacturers globally. Headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, Lexus has a presence in more than 70 countries.

Leveraging Personalized Exit-Intent Technology

Lexus was on the lookout for fresh, intuitive implementations for their website that could bolster their lead generation.
Lexus and Insider started working on the problem as a team and zeroed down to personalized Exit Intent notifications to improve the car maker’s lead generation numbers as well as lead quality.
Personalization allowed Lexus to serve each visitor with contextual Exit Intent messages, based on the current page, browsing activity and history and more. As a result, the lead quality instantaneously improved because the Lexus team was able to find out what grasped each lead’s interest instead of doing the guesswork.
Insider’s platform also provided detailed information about each submission, like the page location where the signup occurred, demographics such as location, time and more, as well as the browsing activity of the visitors. All these data sources combined, gave Lexus’s sales team detailed insights about each visitor and helped them approach each lead in an informed manner.

Significant Uplift in Lead Generation and Conversions

The personalized Exit Intent implementation with Insider helped Lexus collect more leads and led to a 64% uplift in lead generation. It also improved their conversion rate as the Exit Intent generated lead acquisition efforts resulted in an extra 192 conversions compared to the site’s average.

“Insider’s personalized take on lead generation helped us improve our conversion rate by a whopping 64%. The amount of data that we could see at a glance proved to be a game changer, it allowed us to tweak our lead generation efforts to the most minute details. We could track the activities our visitors, the car’s they were most interested in, where we were faltering and more. These things helped us streamline many aspects of our program, and led to improving our lead gen rate considerably.”

Gozde Yurtsal

Marketing Communications Supervisor

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