How NA-KD increased customer lifetime value by 25%

Watch the video to learn how NA-KD increased customer lifetime value by breaking down data siloes to deliver individualized cross-channel journeys

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The challenge

Phenomenal growth requires a tech stack that can keep up

As one of Europe’s top 20 fastest growing brands, NA-KD was growing at a rapid rate...but their tech stack wasn’t able to keep up. A collection of single-point solutions and in-house technology their customer data locked in siloes. NA-KD needed a technology partner to help them unlock the full potential of their customer data, gain a unified view of each customer, and create individualized customer experiences, across all their channels.
Connecting customer data

A 360-degree view of the customer

Customer data doesn’t do much when it’s stuck in siloes. NA-KD knew this and consolidated its tech stack of disconnected single-point solutions into a single unified solution, to finally achieve a 360-degree view of every customer. Orchestrating personalized customer experiences start with a deep understanding of your customers.

Connecting customer data

A 360-degree view of the customer

360-degree view of a customer looks in Insider
The result

Delivering experiences as unique as each customer

With Insider, NA-KD has been able to redefine their marketing strategy. They have ditched traditional campaign and coupon-based marketing to create individualized experiences that are as unique as their customers. Architect — Insider’s cross-channel campaign orchestration tool — made it possible for NA-KD to deliver a tailored and frictionless CX, showcasing relevant products and content, on the channels customers want to engage in.

Insider is a leader in non-traditional channel marketing which offers us new ways to engage with our customers, across all channels. Instead of rigid calendar-based campaigns, our experiences are now as unique as our customers

Doga Iyigun
Head of CRM

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