Winning the race: A case study with Puma

Chris Baldwin

Dec 7, 2021

Winning the race: A case study with Puma Featured Image
Chris Baldwin

Dec 7, 2021

Recently, Puma’s India team reached out to Insider to help launch a new campaign. They were interested in increasing their conversion rates, generating new leads, and finding new and novel ways to do so. Insiders tech allowed and facilitated solutions to these three key problem areas. We had a chance to catch up with Scott Leighton, Senior Program Manager Global E-Commerce at Puma to explore just how these solutions work for them.

Table of Contents
  1. Why Insider

  2. A/B testing and optimization

  3. Real world usage

  4. Customer service and support

  5. A look into the future

Why Insider

With so many companies now offering competing products, what brought Puma to go with Insider? “With Insider we had a good track record with other Puma entities globally, so we had good recommendations initially. I am running the for Puma India, and I’ve been here for about seven months now, taking care of the overall the technology, the content, and the general business.”

Conversion rates

One of Puma India’s key problem areas that needed to be addressed is with increasing their conversion rates. “At obviously different parts of the journey, we have been able to optimize these through various tests,” says Leighton.

“We can always A/B test everything, we can always measure which is very valuable, so we have been able to make some improvements in conversion rate and I think more importantly is that we can learn what works and what doesn’t, so that we can build this is our future tools, processes, promotions, etcetera. So, it allows us more knowledge overall to improve that conversion.”

A/B testing and optimization

An area where Insider is an industry leader is in facilitating the technology to fully utilize A/B testing. “The fact that all A/B testing is built into everything is extremely useful. One of the benefits with Insider is we saw the ease of use in terms of setting up basic A/B testing so far in the time we are in our current journey, this made it very accessible for the team to quickly adapt, experiment, and make changes on the website, which may have bee harder with some other tools than Insider. So, it was good. I would say it was a low entry barrier, which helped very much.”

Lead generation

One of the most common areas companies often find themselves desiring higher gains are with generating new leads. With everyone vying for the same customers, and so much noise out there to wade through, what sets Insider apart?

“We have been able to greatly increase the amount of leads that we were able to gather from customers that may not be ready to check out, that has been incredibly valuable as well and again Insider has been able to set up these widgets very quickly and very easily, it is quite a simple task to start gathering additional leads if we see an opportunity for that.”

Real world usage

It’s one thing to promise results, but it’s another thing to deliver them. How did this work in the real world for Puma India? “The integration was really easy actually. I think one of the highlights from this was setting up a web push which took us less than two weeks, which we tried with other vendors before in the past. We weren’t ever successful with getting it live, so I was really happy to see that go up live so quickly and overall the setup was very very straightforward.”

Customer service and support 

A key differentiator between companies, and one of the most important things that sets companies apart, it’s how they interact with their customers. Many internet-run companies don’t seem to have much interaction at all and one of the chief complaints users make is that companies don’t have anybody to talk to when a problem arises. Customer service is a huge priority for Insider, and this is what Puma had to say:

“The support has been very good, very quick reactions on tickets and we have also been able to get some small changes made to the widgets where we have a specific use case that we can quite have with the existing templates we have with Insider, so definitely on the technical side the team has been really quick to respond and they have also helped up to fill a few gaps that might have been in there before Insider. We also got great support on the business side, just trying to drive additional tests and bringing us some learnings from their knowledge outside, we had a really good experience so far.”

Above and beyond: A transformative experience

How did working with Insider transform their experience? What tools went above and beyond, doing much more than simply downloading a piece of software? What worked and went beyond spreadsheets, cost analysts, profit margins, to deliver an experience much more personal for Puma? 

“I love the Spin the Wheel product. I think this is a great tool that we can use. We have also got good customer feedback on this and strong results. It is very easy to set up and configure. It has been fantastic. I would also say that the Instory product is quite an innovative way to show content. It very much helps us display different ideas, content, outfits, promotions, and does so in a nice, compact form which customers find pleasing and then also use on other social platforms.”

A look into the future

Building client relationships over the long term is a goal and benefit for all parties. With the working relationship having worked so well for this campaign, will Puma consider working with Insider again in the future?  

“I think we are looking forward to seeing what Insider brings in terms of new templates and tools and the way they can stay a step or two ahead of us so that we can use these predefined templates, we are obviously trying out everything new and we are always looking forward to new updates on the platform as long as we can keep increasing our overall conversion rate and key metric, then I think the relationship can work quite well going to the future.”

Chris is an award-winning marketing leader with more than 12 years experience in the marketing and customer experience space. As VP of Marketing, Brand and Communications, Chris is responsible for Insider's brand strategy, and overseeing the global marketing team. Fun fact: Chris recently attended a clay-making workshop to make his own coffee cup…let's just say that he shouldn't give up the day job just yet.