Our Co-Founder and CEO, Hande Cilingir, was delighted to take part in an incredible event in Hong Kong, RISEDuring 3 days, influencers, thought-leaders, tech connoisseurs and CEOs across verticals and markets came together to share their experience, challenges, and know-how on the industry. We asked Hande to share her top insights from the event and here’s what she told us.

“One of the highlights of RISE was seeing top-level executives and digital marketers from different industries come together in different panels addressing core industry issues in an impressive and objective way. As a SaaS company, we got great insights from all the presentations we attended, in-depth industry challenges were addressed in eye-opening ways. These meetings are crucial for companies and entrepreneurs alike, they create unique opportunities to build up potential partnerships between the companies attending.

APAC is a challenging market to crack because of its unique culture and its unique nature. Events such as RISE, which is the biggest tech event in Asia, helps companies looking to grow in the APAC region to better understand and deep dive into the culture itself, and, very importantly, the people. RISE’s mission is to help companies grow in the APAC and understand the nature of its unique market.”

It was, indeed, a unique chance to share Insider’s latest successes and challenges with top leaders in the industry. Looking forward, we’ll surely reap the rewards of such an incredible event.

CEO & Co-founder

Following her studies at London School of Economics and Shanghai Normal University, Hande worked in China as an investment consultant following her experience in multinational companies including PepsiCo and Vestel. Upon graduation, she spent over 3 years establishing a highly prestigious international school where she travelled to over 40 countries, enrolling students around the world. Following the exit, she co-founded Insider with Serhat Soyuerel, one of her colleagues from LSE, in 2012. Recently, Hande was granted the most successful Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Microsoft. Aspiring to contribute to the startup ecosystem, Cilingir had found various start-ups and was awarded by Junior Chambers International (JCI). Hande was selected as an Endeavor Entrepreneur in ISP-2014.