Fuel growth across the funnel with Insider’s AI-powered Growth Management Platform

Meet Insider, the first integrated Growth Management Platform (GMP), delivering a broad feature set across the sales funnel from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue, leveraging real-time predictive segmentation powered by AI and machine learning capabilities. Built on a unified data layer, GMP is easy to implement and simple to use, with no need for complicated integrations. GMP simplifies the lives of digital marketers and helps them drive growth and loyalty for their brands.


Access a marketer-friendly interface to focus on your actual work


GMP comes with an easy-to-use, clean interface making the platform convenient and accessible for marketers.


Enhanced usability allows marketers to focus on their actual work rather than managing complexities of technology and inefficiency in operations.


GMP keeps the level of engagement in the platform high with active communication widgets such as toasters, tooltips and pop-ups speeding up operations.


Never miss a signal. Create deeper segments powered by data unification.
The data collection and unification layer matches behavioural, historical, cross-device, cross-browser, 3rd party, CRM and other types data by matching user IDs, enabling marketers to capture every signal from visitors. Data sets can be enriched with qualitative surveys and lead generation activities to get a full view of visitors.


Act on AI-backed predictive segments based on the future behavior of your visitors.
The predictive modeling engine is powered by cutting-edge machine-learning, and deep AI algorithms, which track historical and real-time actions of visitors on web, mobile web, and apps. Unified datasets are run through algorithms and processed into ready-to-use predictive segments.

Likelihood to Convert
Discount Affinity
Likelihood to Churn
Lifetime Value
Interest Clustering
Life Cycle Stage
Predicted Conversion Range


Deliver consistent experiences across the funnel.
GMP’s action layer delivers a broad feature-set across the sales funnel from Acquisition to Activation, Retention, and Revenue from a unified platform powered by AI and Machine Learning. It empowers marketers across industries to deliver individualized and consistent experiences across web, mobile web, and apps, without depending on a team of data scientists and IT teams.


Drive up growth metrics through impactful decision making in real-time.
GMP’s advanced reporting interface distills data into a single dashboard, making it an integral part of marketers’ daily decision-making processes. Having access to a complete view of visitors and performance metrics of personalization scenarios, marketers can optimize experiences to drive up conversions, AOV, LTV and more, while improving their LTV:CAC ratio.

Instant access to deeper insights
Track performance of all your personalizations from a single pane of glass without depending on a team of data scientists.

Data-backed & informed actions
One-click to access actionable data to power high-impact marketing decisions, take action at the speed of customer experiences and provide top management with high-level insights.

Highly dynamic & flexible interface
Easily configure reports to observe real-time changes in data using filters based on predefined conversion goals.