A delightful, intuitive and consistent cross-channel experience for Insider’s platform

Srikant Kotapalli

Feb 16, 2021

Today marks a significant point in Insider’s history of innovating products that enable enterprise marketers to deliver powerful multichannel customer experiences. 

We are excited to share a brand new experience for enterprise marketers who use the Insider platform to deliver delightfulintuitive, and consistent experiences to their customers and achieve their business goals. 

Before we get into what these new changes are and how they transform your experience, let me talk a little bit about why we made them in the first place.

Table of Contents
  1. Why we invested over 25% of our roadmap in a new UX

  2. So what’s coming?

  3. What’s next?

Why we invested over 25% of our roadmap in a new UX

For every product team out there (especially in enterprise marketing tech), it is a big decision to invest in UX, which could mean taking away time from building features that can give marketers newer ways to reach their customers. And in a highly competitive space like MarTech, that could mean a lot. So, what led us to this decision? 

Enterprise UX does not have to be ‘Boring’!

At Insider, we strongly believe in #thisisinsider #thisisdifferent as our motto. We’ve focused on bringing breakthrough MarTech products to our customers, such as InStory, predictive audiences, and messaging apps to help you consistently deliver innovative experiences to your customers. 

When we talk about enterprise UX to our customers (marketers), they paint a picture of clunky, slow-to-load platforms that require immense training and deliver a dull experience. And if you know us, we’re anything but that!

Insider’s key focus is building products that are very easy to integrate, use, and help marketers achieve their business goals faster. And our UX is as much a product for us as our website personalization, email marketing, and mobile marketing suites, leading us to invest significantly in finding the next breakthrough experience for enterprise marketing technology platforms. 

So what’s coming?

What does the all-new Insider have in store for you? I’ll take you through six key areas where you’ll see positive changes in how you’ll experience our platform. 

A New Navigation Experience

We enhanced our landing experience to make it easier for marketers to use our ever-growing product suite. Currently, Insider supports more than seven channels and features 40+ products in a single, intuitive landing experience. 

We interviewed customers in our design research process and knew what we had to do. While our landing experience focused on channels—our new UX completely reorganizes the experience around use cases. Simply put, we changed it to suit how you use the product rather than how we build the product. 

As you can see in the above screen, we reimagined the organization of our products into five high-level use cases that you use our product for:

  • Reports – Understand your channel and campaign performance in one easy place.
  • Experience – Everything to do with delivering experiences that engage your customers across channels. Further, split into sub-use cases on how you can ‘optimize’ experiences across web and app; ‘message’ to your users across channels like email, web push, app push, messaging apps, and more.
  • Audience – Segment your user base, deep dive into user profiles and more.
  • Insight – Know every insight that can help you drive campaign decision making.
  • Predict – Leverage our AI engine to predict customer behavior and target more effectively. 

All-powerful ROI Dashboard: The New Home Experience

The other primary thing that defines your landing experience is your home page experience. We are very excited to introduce an industry-first cross-channel ROI dashboard that  helps you understand the total business impact of all your campaigns across channels in a single, clean view. Get high-level metrics on incremental revenue, conversion rates, channel health, and drill down into individual channel performance. 

Consistent campaign workflows across channels

The number of channels our customers use across our platform is steadily increasing, with almost all of them using at least three channels regularly. 

As a marketer, you’re creating campaigns across different channels like onsite, email, push notifications, etc. We wanted to reduce the cognitive load of going through the usual steps of setting up a campaign. Our new design system unifies the experience across critical steps such as selecting segments, setting up business rules, and setting up goals, so you can go from ideation to live campaigns faster. 

A slick new canvas for creating journeys 

Our cross-channel journey builder—Architect—is one of the top products we invested in the last year. We added several new features from channels such as onsite, next best channel prediction, A/B testing of paths, and much more. We also redefined Architect’s journey creation experience to become smoother and more informative. You can now identify the different parts of a journey with clearer text, icons, and stats.

Reporting built for lightning-fast insights

With our new reporting design, you can easily find insights with several features like drill downs, visualizations, goal/date filters and export to CSV. Not just a new design but we have added several new reports like aggregate journey performance, ROI dashboard and more.

Organize your work for better productivity

Finally, the new UX will save you time with features built for enhanced productivity. Organize your campaigns with better tagging and filtering. Additionally we have added aggregated list reports to help you easily find campaigns across channels.

What’s next?

I’m positive you’ll love our new experience and see a huge leap in how you use enterprise marketing technology. On our end, we’ll continue to invest in design research and bringing cutting-edge experiences to you and your customers. I’m more than happy to hear your feedback, write to us at product@useinsider.com or give us a shout @useinsider on Twitter.

Srikant is a seasoned product marketing leader with 15+ years of experience in building and marketing SaaS products. As VP of Product Marketing at Insider, Srikant is responsible for Insider's product positioning, GTM and analyst relations. When not working on product marketing projects, Srikant loves exploring the design and engineering of things