DeFacto drives 8X higher conversion rate with behavioral app push notifications

Insider’s Cart Reminder Push Notifications proved to be highly effective in helping us realize our revenue goals and improving mobile app user retention.


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About Defacto

DeFacto is one of the leaders in the fashion retail space with over 500 stores in 30 countries and more than 14,000 employees. DeFacto’s success is built upon a foundation of being locally relevant on a global scale. The brand offers carefully curated collections of affordable, on-trend designs tailored to the tastes of individual markets, making it the go-to destination for eco-conscious fashionistas worldwide.

Activating New Users and Improving Retention

DeFacto had two main challenges. 

1) Activating new users to make their first purchase within 30 days after installing the app in order to show the value of the application during the onboarding process. 

2) Keeping the retention in good shape by achieving a healthy mobile app engagement rate.

Building A Comprehensive Mobile App Push Strategy

The team at DeFacto started working with Insider’s mobile app push notification technology to hyper personalize each interaction. They designed highly-tailored mobile app experiences based on user behavior to improve retention and revenue. DeFacto leveraged a combination of various behavioral and time-based mobile app push notifications to achieve their specific goals—including first time purchases and reactivation.

Designing Cart Reminder Push Notifications for New and Existing Users

DeFacto analyzed the behavior of new users within the first 30 days after downloading the app and found out that uninstall rates are the highest in this period. New users who downloaded the app received a welcome push notification on day 1 and a follow-up push notification on day 3 with a discount coupon encouraging them to launch the app and complete the key action.

As a result, 7.5% of the new users were activated through onboarding push campaigns.

The second challenge of the brand was to engage existing mobile app users. DeFacto sent different types of push notifications to users at various stages of their purchasing journey.

DeFacto targeted existing users who’ve walked out of the funnel in real-time with highly-customized behavior-based automated push notifications to drive conversions. The timing of the push notification and its content were precision-crafted based on user behavior.

The journey started with the first interaction of the user. A product reminder push was sent within the first 60 minutes if the user visited a product detail page but did not add it to favorites or to their cart, encouraging them to progress to the next step of the funnel. The push notification is tailored and customized based on every user’s latest action with dynamic attributes that drive better engagement.

After the first step, if the user added an item to their cart but did not complete a purchase, 20 minutes after a cart reminder push notification was sent including product images of the items they have left in their carts. The personalized notifications showcased abandoned product pages along with social proof in-app banners, designed to trigger fear of missing out (FOMO).

Behavioral Push Notifications vs. Bulk Push Notifications: 8X Higher Conversions

As a final step, upon completing their purchase, the users were sent a notification about their packaging progress. Even though this final step did not lead users back to the site, it still increased user engagement with DeFacto’s mobile app and drove conversions.

Comparing the 3-month period before and after the whole purchase funnel and cart reminder push notifications were launched shows that the number of transactions and revenue generated from push notification increased significantly.

“Insider is more than just a Growth Management Platform that helps us achieve our marketing KPIs, they truly care about our success. Since we’ve started using Insider’s mobile app push notifications, the growth team at Insider was “always-on” helping us whenever we needed their support. Insider’s Cart Reminder Push Notifications proved to be highly effective in helping us realize our revenue goals and improving the retention of our mobile app users.“

Abdulkadir Erkatranci

eCommerce Business Analytics Manager

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