Organic beauty leader Melvita boosts conversion rate by 28% with social proof

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About Melvita

A pioneer in organic beauty care, Melvita is France’s leading ecological and organic beauty brand. The company was founded in 1983 by biologist Bernard Chevilliat on a farm in Ardeche, France.  Melvita was one of the first brands to be granted the Ecocert label for certified organic health and beauty products in France, in 2002. It is France’s largest certified organic beauty brand, with a range of over 400 products. The company is constantly innovating and creating captivating, high-performance formulas to meet the customer’s growing needs in organic personal and beauty care.  
Strengthening eCommerce ecosystem with Insider’s tools and expertise

As one of the world’s leading organic beauty brands, Melvita has a vast retail and eCommerce network, spanning more than 15 countries, and covering some of the most significant markets, including France, Japan, China, and Hong Kong. Besides being competitive, organic skincare is a unique, niche, and constantly growing market – as an increasing number of customers opt for eco-friendly, natural, advanced, and certified products.

Melvita has been targeting eCommerce-driven market growth for a long while. In fact, a focus on growing the eCommerce ecosystem is a new and growing trend in the beauty and cosmetic industry.

In order to boost its eCommerce penetration, Melvita was looking to increase the flexibility of its marketing solutions, automate user experience, and of course, improve its commercial rate. Most importantly, the company wanted to improve retention, and at the same time, ensure that it was growing its product portfolio responsibly. To meet these needs, Melvita was looking for a right-fit solution provider.

Insider ticked all the boxes for Melvita, as they understood their business requirements, and provided the right tools, expertise, and service to drive their revenue growth. Insider’s in-depth and carefully thought out strategic planning and guidance proved to be as vital for Melvita’s eCommerce-driven market growth, as its platform, campaigns, and marketing tools.

Using the right-fit tools and strategies to drive conversions, CTR, AOV

Marketing’s ultimate goal is to boost revenue growth. The key business metrics that Melvita was looking at driving were conversion rate, click-through rates, average order value, and retention. Using Insider’s unique tools and strategies, Melvita was able to fulfill its marketing aims in a cost-efficient way.

“It is difficult to find a good technology partner in this ever-changing digital world. We are really pleased with the support that Insider has provided our team. The onboarding process was fabulous, especially when most companies find it difficult to set up external technology platforms. With Insider the collaboration has been seamless - we try to work around issues when it’s feasible. If it’s not, they ensure that they inform us in advance. How would I describe our relationship with Insider? One small step for the company, a giant leap for our website.”

Ceres Yu

Digital Marketing & Brand Communications Manager

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