Give your push notifications the voice it deserves with Insider’s Push Amplification

Srikant Kotapalli

Mar 31, 2020

In the world of mobile marketing, Push Amplification is a term that’s gaining popularity. But, what does it really mean? Put simply, Push Amplification is a fallback solution that improves the push notification delivery rate where OS/Device level restrictions prevent these notifications from being delivered. 

Table of Contents
  1. Why do brands need Push Amplification?

  2. How does Insider’s Push Amplification boost push deliverability?

  3. Benefits of Push Amplification

Why do brands need Push Amplification?

While timing and content play a major role in how push notifications are perceived (either as relevant or intrusive) by users, there are certain OS/Device level restrictions that prevent push notifications from reaching a user’s notification tray. 

The OS on most Chinese OEMs are tuned to kill background processes that cut off the device from the push gateways such as GCM/FCM and APNs — this is usually done in an effort to reduce battery consumption. 

What this means is that you may never see a push notification delivery rate above 90%. Most benchmarks put the average delivery rate for push notifications at around 65%. With these Chinese devices accounting for 33% of the global smartphones, marketers lose a chunk of their push notifications as they remain undelivered. 

How does Insider’s Push Amplification boost push deliverability?

Insider devised a novel way to help overcome this challenge that acts as a fallback to standard notification gateways and delivers the notification directly to a user’s phone when standard delivery fails.

Insider’s Push Amplification assigns a unique ID for each device which is used as an alternate delivery gateway.

This works with a pull-back mechanism that is based on Insider’s servers that tracks undelivered notifications and triggers them back directly to a user’s smartphone. 

Benefits of Push Amplification

Push Amplification has been proven to improve delivery rates by as much as 25% to 30% across most Chinese OEMs. This further translates into improvements in other metrics for marketers such as retention, improved CTRs and better conversion rates. 

After getting all the hard work done to deploy your app push notification campaigns don’t let important messages hit the graveyard.  

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With 12+ years of experience in consulting, building, and marketing technology products for clients across industries, Srikant is a product leader, storyteller, data fanatic, and UX/usability enthusiast. He often appears as a speaker on panels about personalization and optimization and has a passion for building simple solutions to complex problems, and is currently pursuing that at Insider.