Top 5 personalization technologies for the eBetting industry

Chris Baldwin

Dec 9, 2016

Top 5 personalization technologies for the eBetting industry Featured Image
Chris Baldwin

Dec 9, 2016

Deep dive into personalization strategies for data-driven betting experiences

Customer experience nowadays has become a product by itself that highlights the brand image. “Today’s empowered customers no longer purchase products; they buy experiences” states Forrester’s The Rise of the Empowered Customer report. Customers engage with brands that deliver what they need, when they need it, regardless of the delivery mechanism or channel. With the evolving dynamics of the customer experience delivery space, online betting platforms are also taking further steps to provide their users with the ultimate user experience and target their audiences across platforms with relevant content. As stated in eBetting Review 2015, the eBetting industry is investing more and more in technologies enhancing customer experiences.

Use Advanced Segmentation Technologies for Hyper-Personalized Experiences

In the personalization space, visitor profiles are getting more complicated making it increasingly difficult to understand and target the right groups with relevant content. Visitor’s demands are also increasing, and they would like to be recognized for all their traits. Basic segmentation variables like age and gender are no longer enough to target your visitors. Instead, visitors demand to be perceived and remembered with their preferences and behavioral data. Advanced personalization technologies are still not widely used in the eBetting industry. To catch up with the speed of the expectation economy and to provide visitors with enhanced digital experiences, eBetting platforms are leveraging advanced segmentation and advanced personalization technologies. Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Predictions for 2015 and Beyond: Report predicts that by 2017, 50% of consumer product investments will be redirected to customer experience innovations. Proactively managing player accounts and accompanying users through their life cycle does not only boost customer loyalty but also increases cross-sell and upsell. Through tracking results from players’ sessions, eBetting platforms can effortlessly target players with the right promotion at the right moment, driving loyalty and growth.

Offer Omnichannel Experiences across Channels

By nature, eBetting is one of the most convenient industries where the gap between physical and digital space can be narrowed down with the use of marketing technologies. Through tracking players’ behavioural data, eBetting platforms are capable of operating actionable insight to boost customer engagement and drive revenues. Now you can get to know your players’ behaviour across all digital touchpoints and locate them in geofence to deliver 1:1, tailored offers.

Leverage Predictive Segmentation to Optimize Ad Spend

Implementing predictive modelling and segmentation technologies will take customer experience delivery to the next level in the eBetting industry, narrowing the gap between marketers and their customers. Predicting the future behaviour of visitors help marketers optimize marketing budgets, while it helps them act confidently on data-backed decisions. Insider’s predictive modeling engine compares one visitor’s behaviour to other visitors’ journeys and historical data to make predictions, enabling marketers to act on auto-segments based on future behaviours of their visitors. A visitor’s likelihood to achieve a predefined goal is predicted and visitors are grouped into segments based on their scoring. Marketers can also choose to push predictive segments into 3rd party ad platforms such as Facebook and Google Adwords to spend ad dollars on players with a high likelihood to place a bet, thus optimizing your digital ad spend.

Optimize Digital Experiences with A/B Testing

Even the best technology requires time, patience and fine-tuning. Through A/B/n testing you can observe which combinations of designs yield better results and serve your customer with what they’d like to see on your site. When it comes to commercial businesses, there are so many psychological factors to keep in mind. How and when you engage with players can have a significant impact on their behaviour. At what point of a player’s journey you deliver messages can yield drastically divergent results. Most players are more prone to respond to messages at times they’re achieving better results. Only testing the timing of 1:1 messages and optimizing it accordingly could bring in significant profit.

Enable Cross Device Betting

According to the eBetting Review, mobile counts for 50% of eBetting platforms’ revenue. As mobile usage has been increasing rapidly year by year, players desire to connect to their accounts whenever and wherever they like. To keep up with the shifting device preferences, eBetting platforms need to act wisely in tracking player history and be alert in delivering hyper-personalized in-app messages. Keeping recently acquired players engaged is a challenge for most eBetting platforms, to keep them following scores and other punters, target them on the right device at the right time. Reaching out to your players with eye-catching messages and incentives on the right device is a highly impactful way of bringing them back into the game.

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