Insider ranks #1 in G2 Winter ‘23 Reports across 6 categories including Customer Data Platforms, Mobile Marketing, and Personalization

Insider, a platform for delivering individualized, cross-channel customer experiences, helps 1200+ leading enterprise brands and high-growth startups including Samsung, GAP, Santander, Vodafone, Clarins, Madeira Madeira, Marks & Spencer, Virgin, Burger King, Toyota, Puma, Singapore Airlines, CNN, Lenovo, and MAC accelerate their digital growth and create delightful customer experiences by connecting data across channels, predicting future behavior with AI, and individualizing experiences.

Dateline, London – Insider announced that they have been named the #1 Leader in G2 Winter ‘23 reports across 6 categories, including Customer Data Platforms (CDP), Personalization Engines, Personalization Software, Mobile Marketing, Customer Journey Analytics, and E-commerce Personalization

Insider has been protecting its #1 position for the past 6 years with an overall score of 4.7 out of 5 and the highest user satisfaction score of 98%. Insider has topped the charts on numerous Grid Reports and Index Reports compared to other players with the highest scores on 14 indexes — including Results Index, Relationship Index, Usability Index, and Implementation Index.

3X faster time to value (TTV) compared to other players in Cross-Channel Journey Orchestration

Insider helps brands realize ROI 3X faster than the industry average with a score of 94% for ease of setup, 96% for implementation, and 99% for fast integration. 

Insider’s fast integration capabilities, localized customer support, and seamless product usability help brands in achieving time to value faster — leveraging unified data, hyper-segmentation, AI-led personalization, and 1:1 cross-channel journey orchestration. 

To support faster campaign execution, Insider newly launched its template library with an exhaustive selection of cross-channel templates like Price Alerts, Back-in-Stock Campaigns, Loyalty Programs, and more to help marketers customize and launch campaigns across channels. Insider’s responsive templates help marketers scale their personalization efforts faster across devices without any coding efforts. This means marketers can now create responsive, time-sensitive campaigns like holiday promotions up to 3X faster by replicating an auto-responsive design for other devices with one click.  

“We started using Insider and in less than a quarter, we saw a Conversion Rate uplift of 14.39% and also a 12X uplift in ROI from these campaigns. We feel a true sense of partnership with Insider.”

E-commerce Director, The Body Shop

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Highest score of 99% for Integrations like TikTok, Shopify, and more to enable data unification, remarketing, and channel commerce 

Insider secured 99% for integration capabilities and integration APIs – 20% higher than the industry average. 

Brands can now leverage two-way data exchange between Insider and other integrated CDPs like Segment and Tealium as well as analytics platforms like Amplitude and Mixpanel. Brands can get more out of their user data tech stack; allowing them to pass and store all their channel interaction and lead collection events across different platforms, create custom segments and forward those segments to destinations such as their preferred analytics or BI tool. 

Insider’s integration with TikTok, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads enables brands to remarket and re-engage users on different social platforms. Insider is the only player in the market to provide a first-of-a-kind native integration with TikTok where marketers can send their mobile app segments directly to TikTok. 

Insider and Shopify integration is a step towards initializing seamless cross-channel commerce. Insider enables customers to discover products easily with its AI-powered recommendation engine and syncs with the Shopify product catalog. With this sync, brands can unlock a rich variety of product-based algorithms to deploy in their recommendation campaigns. 

> 94% user satisfaction in personalization, optimization, and predictive segmentation

Insider has topped the charts in personalization features like personalized recommendations (96%), triggered messaging (98%), coupon management (94%), optimization (97%), and predictive modeling (96%), achieving an overall G2 score of 97% in this category.

“We’re using Insider’s best-in-class customer data platform and action layer to craft personalized experiences that reach customers where they want our brand to be. Insider has all the makings to stitch together scattered anonymous and known data into actionable customer data profiles.

Head of Digital, Renault

Insider scored the highest in predictive segmentation (96%) compared to players like Bloomreach (89%), Emarsys (88%), Klaviyo (85%), Segment (73%), and Tealium (67%) with the fastest payback period of lesser than 7 months. With auto-generated predictive segments and RFM segments, Insider enables marketers to deep dive and hyper-target audiences based on their behavior and affinity, for example, likelihood to engage, affinity to discount, champion customers, inactive customers, and so on.

“The predictive audience by Insider is a strong, competitive feature that has helped us improve our ROAS through high-precision targeting from advanced audience segmentation. By understanding their digital behavior, we have been able to predict customers with a high likelihood to book tickets or those looking for discounted offers.”

Performance Marketing Director, Leading Airline

Leader in Marketing Automation with the highest score of 97% in Email Marketing and 98% in Reporting

Insider named a Leader in the Marketing Automation category with the highest score of 97% in Email Marketing and 98% in Reporting. 

Insider’s newest feature launch — AMP for email, puts Insider at the forefront of email marketing providers, offering zero-code capabilities to add web-style experiences like swipe-through carousels, collapsible accordions, and interactive forms within the email. Owing to such industry-leading email features, users have scored Insider with the highest scores 97% for building personalized emails, 97% for sending outbound emails, and 98% for email deliverability. 

Insider’s advanced reporting capabilities enable marketers to make goal-based decisions from insights like revenue gained from triggered campaigns like cart abandonment, increase in AOV, and transactional SMS clicks. Insider has secured the highest scores of 97% for Revenue analytics, 98% for web analytics, and 98% for ROI analytics respectively.

Insider delights us with the ability to create as many campaigns as we want, at any time, each with different goals. The best part about this is that it often takes us only a matter of minutes to set up a campaign and get it going..

Online Director, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

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