Interview with Sinan Toktay, Co-founder and CTO of Insider

This is Part Two of our two-part blog series. Read Part One, an interview with Insider’s Co-founder and CEO Hande Cilingir, to find out how InOne differentiates in the market and how it will help marketers take customer experiences to the next level.

What features and capabilities stand out in the release of InOne?

Ad Audiences is one of the key features introduced with InOne which brings the disjointed worlds of adtech and martech together by helping marketers push predictive segments into 3rd party ad platforms such as Facebook and Google AdWords.

As I always underline, understanding your customers and segmenting them is at the heart of delivering truly personalized, meaningful customer experiences — and segments are only as good as the data powering them.

InOne platform collects over 15 billion events and delivers over 374 million personalization impressions to 600 million unique visitors per month across web, mobile web and apps. Collecting data from multiple channels, InOne automatically segments visitors into ready-to-use segments utilizing machine learning algorithms and distills data into a single dashboard, making it an integral part of marketers’ daily decision-making process. It’s as actionable as data gets!

The reporting module introduced by InOne provides instant access to deeper insights to help marketers make data-backed and more informed decisions. While it provides an overview of how personalizations are performing at a glance, marketers can also configure the highly dynamic interface to observe real-time changes in data using filters based on predefined conversion goals.

How did you improve your technology since closing Series A?

We are continuously working on improving our algorithms collecting, mining and analyzing data in real-time to provide high quality segments. Since we closed our Series A Investment back in September, we have been heavily investing in the data infrastructure of our technology.

Our predictive modelling engine is naturally evolving how marketers target their customers. It runs on an advanced machine-learning algorithm, tracking actions of visitors across all touchpoints. Then one visitor’s behaviour is compared to all the other visitors’ journeys and historical data to make predictions.

For this release, we have also enhanced our predictive modelling algorithms and introduced new segment types such as customer lifetime value prediction helping marketers identify their standard, high and VIP customers; customer life cycle status segmentation helping marketers deliver relevant experiences at every stage of the journey and prevent churn; and likelihood scoring to bring the worlds of ad-tech and martech together.

Finally, how did you improve the usability of the platform for marketers?

We wanted to simplify data processing even further for marketers. We wanted marketers to focus on their actual work to drive better results. Therefore, we took out data science and technology roadblocks out of their daily routines and provided them with a highly usable and clean interface making the platform even more convenient for marketers.

We have completely redesigned the UI and UX of our platform. We started off with in-depth interviews and conducted user research to feel the real pains of marketers when it comes to interacting with the technologies they use on a daily basis. We wanted to create a seamless, smooth and fuss-free experience for them so they focus on delivering personalized experiences speedily, leaving the roadblocks behind. Our goal since the very first day was to change the way marketers work by delivering a highly usable martech platform with cutting-edge design and technology — accessible from a single tech stack.