Harbolnas Day marketing strategies to win big on 12/12

Christopher Lowe

Aug 27, 2021

Table of Contents
  1. 12/12 is the New 11/11

  2. How to make it work for your brand

  3. How Insider can get you to the front of the class

  4. Gamification will convert sales and develop loyalty

  5. Smart Recommender and purchase triggers increase Average Order Value

  6. Personalized experiences create an advantage

  7. Make this year the most successful Harbolnas yet

12/12 is the New 11/11

12/12 is quickly becoming Indonesia’s biggest shopping day of the year. In fact, Harbolnas (Hari Belanja Online Nasional Sales) Day, catapulted online retailers into the living rooms of millions of consumers. As a result, retailers in Southeast Asia have a unique opportunity to win new customers and rekindle the old.  

So to help you do exactly that, we’ve rounded up some of our customers’ favorite Harbolnas Day marketing strategies.

The rise of Harbolnas Day

In Indonesia, there are are 200+ million tech-savvy internet users.

That’s a whole lot of opportunity. But with mobile shopping on the rise, the “same old” strategies won’t cut it. To stand out, you’ll need to upgrade your messaging and channel strategy to keep up with omnichannel shoppers.

But how you stay ahead? Especially when so much is changing. Trends come and go, but one thing that’s here to say is a great customer experience.

Harbolnas Day can be an entry point

Indonesian consumers are moving to mobile. Certainly this is a big opportunity for brands that can deliver immersive, one-to-one experiences.

But Harbolnas is not exclusive to online retailers. Instead, it’s an opportunity for a wide range of industries to grow their digital presence.

Where the challenges lie

However, mobile commerce or mCommerce isn’t a walk in the park. In truth, it’s hard because mobile screens are so small. Brands have less space to work with, so there’s little room for error.

Because see conversion rates suffer as customers move between devices. After all, the gap between their desktop and mobile experience can be vast and frustrating to consumers.

Not only that, but with stiff competition, winning consumers’ hearts and wallets is an uphill climb. In other words, every brand is fighting for their piece of the digital pie.

So now that the stage is set, lets explore how to better serve customers on Harbolnas Day and beyond.

Harbolnas Day eCommerce strategies

Immersive mobile experiences

Insider uses two highly effective, AI-driven components to customize your shoppers experience and increase traffic and sales. 

The first is InStory. This AI-backed technology brings storytelling to both desktop and mobile sites in order to engage shoppers and convert sales. These personalized stories are generated from the shopping preferences and buying behavior of each user. InStory shares categories and products that your brand wants to highlight and which the user has demonstrated an interest in. It is a highly effective tool that not only engages consumers, but also sparks their buying interest.

InStory showing a Harbolnas Day marketing use case with a likelihood to purchase high segment interested in fashion. Fullscreen is a jeans and outwear sales promotion with a discount code.
InStory use case for Harbolnas Day marketing showing a high likelihood to purchase segment personalized categories based on their purchase intent

Customer journey orchestration

Architect is Insider’s AI-backed application that builds personalized and targeted customer journeys across all channels. Architect will re-engage a shopper who has abandoned their cart with offers and prompts to help convert that sale. It automatically identifies the next channel to engage a shopper by analyzing their behaviors and targeting their next step. Architect curates a personalized shopping experience from the moment a user first lands on a page, all the way through conversion into loyalty status for the brand. 

Customer journey orchestration with Insider’s Architect. This is a Harbolnas Day abandoned cart scenario and how a brand can salvage a lost sale.


Shoppers today are savvy; they want great products at the best possible price. How better to convert sales over and over than a loyalty program? 75% of consumers shop with brands that offer such incentives. Gamification is a quick and effective method to convert that Harbolnas first timer into a dedicated brand buyer. 


Wheel of Fortune is a tried and true method of enticing shoppers to try their hand at a game of luck that could lead to quick discounts on your products. By entering their contact information, consumers get a spin of the wheel and a chance at some fun prizes. Companies gather valuable consumer information while creating a fun, discount-driven shopping experience. Everyone wins! 

Example of Harbolnas Day gamification. Visitors enter their email for a chance to win a discount. This way, you can deanonymize a Harbolnas Day visitor and nurture them toward their first purchase.

An eye-catching way of nudging a shopper toward a sale is a fun Page Curl. This personalized discount message will pop-up just at the right time, helping to nudge that sale. Insider’s AI-backed technology identifies discount-driven shoppers, triggering personalized messages as they search for deals. This customized feature is a great way to catch a shopper’s attention with a coupon or sale for that perfect Harbolnas indulgence. 

Harbolnas Day page curl example on mobile. You can use this feature to draw a user’s attention to a discount or any information you want them to notice.

Smart Recommender and purchase triggers increase Average Order Value 

Insider’s Smart Recommender helps shoppers find that great last-minute add-on and pushes the order value ever-higher. Suggesting an additional item at check-out is a quick and easy way to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction. Brands have the ability to set price limits for items featured by Smart Recommender, just like traditional retail stores offering low-priced items at the checkout for that quick sales boost. 

Recommendations are the key to showing consumers you understand what’s important to them. This is an example of Insider’s Smart Recommender serving up personalized recommendations to a beauty shopper.

Purchase Triggers are a highly effective technique that entice dedicated shoppers, who have placed items in their shopping cart and are on their way to the checkout page, with additional offerings, deals, or upsells. Harbolnas shoppers are savvy; free shipping is a great way to increase the AOV. So add a progress bar to highlight just how close your customer is to that great perk! This feature streamlines the path to purchase and boosts sales, ensuring that your customers get the perfect incentive at just the right time. 

A progress bar is a great way to increase your average order value on Harbolnas Day. In fact, this feature is especially effective on checkout pages.

Personalized experiences create an advantage

Harbolnas shoppers are seeking a great eCommerce experience, whether they are first-time users or savvy online buyers. Everyone genuinely appreciates a customized experience; it creates a connection between the brand and the buyer. 80% of online shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase with a brand that offers a personalized experience. Stay ahead of the competition and speak directly to each individual shopper. 

Banner Management is an Al-backed technology that optimizes your website aesthetics, generating customized product banners based upon each users’ browsing and purchase history. It targets specific customer wants and needs by only displaying banners that are pertinent to their shopping preferences. By adding frequency capping, Banner Management affords you the opportunity to assign intermittent timing for each banner. This type of customization allows your brand to control the frequency of content, ensuring a fun shopping experience for every online buyer.

Banner Management enables businesses to tailor onsite elements like banners to match a user's interest in this example you see someone interest in Harbolnas gifts, another interested in food, and the last interested in smartphone deals
Banner personalization is a great way to make your website experience feel like it was made for each user

Category Optimizer

Shuffle each user’s visual experience on your navigation menu with Category Optimizer. This function allows your site to adjust categories to reflect individual customer behaviors, search history, shopping patterns, and buying preferences—without the frustration, time delay, and expense to your brand of contracting outside help. 

Category Optimizer is a website personalization tools that enables brands to shuffle categories to each visitor's interest on Harbolnas Day and beyond. This examples shows a category layout for someone in London, UK vs. Jakarta, Indonesia based on their onsite activity.
Category Optimizer based on a user’s location and their category affinities. Specifically, based on their browsing behavior and most recent interest in Tops.

Make this year the most successful Harbolnas yet

In truth, eCommerce has transformed the average shopper into a savvy buyer. Thanks to social media and the internet they know where to find the best brands at the best price. As a result, Harbolnas is becoming one of the most lucrative online shopping days for brands. But the window of opportunity is small.

It’s not too late. Learn how to get an edge over the competition with experiences that will boost sales and drive brand loyalty. So don’t miss out on making 12/12 your day to remember!

Christopher has a long history of driving value and creating personalized, omnichannel journeys that enhance customer experience. He's passionate about learning and development and has a keen interest in developing economies, especially ones with a lot of room for digital growth.