Selsey boosts conversions by 8% with AI segmentation

About Selsey

Selsey is an online furniture shop that offers the highest quality home decor and furniture at reasonable prices, along with prompt doorstep deliveries. Selsey focuses on providing furniture and accessories that guarantee complete comfort to their customers. The brand works with a team of experienced consultants who match the right products with a customer’s individual needs. Ranked among one of the top 3 furniture vendors in Poland, Selsey also serves customers in the UK, Denmark and France, with limited operations. The furniture brand subscribes to the highest standards in comfort and quality, and this has enabled it to earn the trust of thousands.

Chasing the discount hunter with an end-to-end personalized experience

Understanding online user personas is difficult. But only when brands understand their customers can they effectively engage with them and get them to convert. Selsey wanted to specifically target users who had an affinity for seeking discounts, and to provide these users with tailored experiences throughout their journey.

Insider’s persona-tech enabled Selsey to identify various user personas, such as the discount-chasers, researchers, procrastinators, power-shoppers, etc. Once identified, the discount chasers were engaged onsite with experiences that were relevant to their behavior. From head-banner personalization to home-page product recommendations and savings on each product, the entire experience was tailored to entice them.

As a result, Selsey saw a 10% uplift in Conversion Rates.

Winning back cart abandoners with precise segmentation and targeting

Cart abandonments cost eCommerce businesses over $18 billion a year. Selsey wanted to engage users who had abandoned their carts and bring them back into the purchase journey.

Selsey started using Insider’s segmentation capabilities to retarget cart abandoners through push notifications. Using Insider’s journey orchestration tool - Architect - and multi-layered browser notifications, Selsey was effectively able to bring back users to complete their purchase.

This 4 touchpoint communication strategy resulted in a 9.52% CTR and a 4.15% uplift in Conversion Rate. This is 10x higher than the market average, in terms of CR.

Shortening the path to purchase with smart recommendations & improved product discovery

Selsey observed that a shorter path to finding the right product improved the chances of conversion. The challenge was to shorten every users’ path to completing a transaction.

Shortening the path to purchase called for contextualized recommendations that would improve product discovery and engage users with exactly what they were looking for. Selsey started working with Insider’s AI-powered Smart Recommender to serve every user with highly relevant product recommendations and the shortest path to purchase.

The results were immediate with a 25.72% shorter path to purchase. Turnover from the Smart Recommender campaigns made up 13.3% of the total revenue.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, Selsey will look to Insider’s powerful segmentation and “persona” building capabilities to target, engage and retain its users through a unique and highly bespoke experience spanning the entire customer journey. For the next phase, Selsey will work on creating individualized onsite journeys for the other personas that were identified – such as  the researcher, procrastinator, power-shopper and more.

Insider’s AI-backed segmentation capabilities will optimize onsite customer engagement for Selsey—by micro-segmenting users based on their dynamic attributes. These micro-segments can then be targeted using Insider’s web suite.

“Selsey is a growing company, in high expansion mode, that competes with brands like IKEA. We work with Insider to boost conversion rate, which is also our main KPI. Insider’s mobile suite has proven extremely advantageous for us, as 80% of our traffic comes from mobile devices. Being an eCommerce company, driving conversions through smartphones is not easy. Insider’s mobile suite has made the task easier and kept us growing on this front.  Insider is a robust platform and all retailers should get to experience the effectiveness of its tools. One of Insider’s biggest strengths is its ability to run individualized campaigns on any channel. The company also ensures that its customer success team is a crucial part of all operations. Our Integration was completely seamless and we were very pleased with the results. At the same time, we at Selsey are also focused on creating personalized journeys and I feel we can tap further to use all of Insider’s key features. There are so many tools and so many possibilities, that we at Selsey are excited to enrich this partnership and create unique omnichannel experiences for our customers.”

Marta Ogórkiewicz

Head of Marketing and Digital Products, Selsey

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