(Smart Food) automates its customer journey with Insider to reach 25X ROI with dynamic messaging

Nicolas Algoedt

Jun 29, 2021 (Smart Food) automates its customer journey with Insider to reach 25X ROI with dynamic messaging Featured Image
Nicolas Algoedt

Jun 29, 2021

Insider’s automated web push notifications support eco-friendly company’s mission to expedite unsold products to consumers

Due to the nature of the industry, grocery store suppliers and wholesalers frequently have too many products to stock their stores simultaneously. Surplus foodstuffs often get discarded before they reach retailer shelves due to shipping delays, discontinued items, or packaging changes. 

As a result, sought a platform with push messaging to provide a direct real-time channel that email alone couldn’t address., a Finnish eCommerce startup, sells surplus dry-food groceries and non-food products at discount prices. It aims to disrupt the traditional grocery market by selling surplus batches of food with big discounts in web stores.

Founded in 2016, the company says it reduced food waste in Finland by more than four million kilograms in four years and produced $14.6M in sales in 2020. In addition, the business announced a $23.2M financing round in 2021. 

Getting these good-to-sell and consuming products into consumers’ hands, who often benefit from significant markdowns on food that they need, requires moving quickly from logistics to marketing communications. 

Another problem was that the products available for a quick sale were constantly changing. Without robust tools that integrate with the website or backend, eCommerce and digital teams had to keep up with an ever-changing list of SKU codes.

Another headache for online marketers is cart abandonment. Often, after selecting purchases, users get distracted or occupied before continuing to checkout. Those users need reminders to make the purchase.

Table of Contents
  1. Automated web push notifications and integrated channels

  2. Measurable revenue impact

Automated web push notifications and integrated channels

To make the most out of push messaging as a marketing channel, wanted to enable targeted and personalized messaging to individual users via their CDP — Insider’s API integration provided the best solution.

Marko Toivonen, Growth Hacker at, said his company selected Insider because it was effortless to use and had excellent customer support. With Insider, can launch web push campaigns quickly. With Insider’s omnichannel approach, the possibilities were endless. 

“Our strategic and operational account managers at Insider provided tremendous support, and it was a very lean implementation of a new marketing channel for us.”

As of now, Insider only supports web push messaging, but the stack of options available allows to take a more comprehensive approach to personalization in the future. 

Image showing web push messaging

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Opening a new communication channel also addressed the issue of abandoned carts. Consumers whose shopping experience was interrupted before checkout received push notifications to complete the sale. fully integrated Insider’s automated web push notifications into their customer journey to handle volatile SKU codes without restarting the campaign. Insider’s Strategic Account Manager and technical teams assisted with planning and implementing push messaging at different journey stages.

This collaboration with Insider aimed to launch a new marketing channel with lightning speed and enable rule-based automated push message distribution to scale fast and conserve internal resources. The automated messages sent to the customer included product availability notifications, campaign validity dates, and cart abandonment notifications.

Image showing web push messaging 2

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Measurable revenue impact

The results of the collaboration between and Insider are remarkable. Within nine months, Insider had produced the following key performance indicators (KPIs):

  • 23% uplift in LTV compared to using other sources 
  • 4% decrease in cart abandonment
  • 25X increase in ROI

Using Insider’s triggers and automation along with triggering targeted pushes from a third-party tool via Insider API’s, was able to target and reach more users in a short amount of time. 

Using both technologies simultaneously gives the environmentally-conscious company a better understanding of how to accomplish its mission of reducing food waste and supplying consumers with essential food supplies.

The company’s growth has been driven by insider and push messaging as a channel. Toivonen said the company doubled its headcount in 2020 and will continue to grow. 

“10 out of 10! One of the best customer service teams I’ve ever experienced. They’re not looking at the clock. I enjoy that I can have an answer at any time of the day. A great advantage of Insider is that they work hard to assure your satisfaction, and they go the extra mile to make your life easier.”

  • Marko Toivonen, Growth Hacker at’s plans include even greater personalization for customers and the ability to make recommendations based on their data. In addition, they will continue to strive for higher lifetime customer value (LTV), average order values (AOVs), and conversion rates.

In the future, is interested in taking advantage of Insider’s panel’s onsite personalization and AI-based recommendation engine. As a result of these features, Toivonen predicts that these will enhance the user experience and that’s numbers will improve even more. 

With Insider as a partner, sets itself apart as a leading company in this online sector and a figure who directly impacts addressing food waste to benefit the environment and its customers. 

“Our mission is important for the environment, for the planet. Reducing food waste has a huge impact.”

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