Unleash the power of end-to-end conversational buying experiences with WhatsApp Commerce

Divya Murugesan

Jun 5, 2023

Unleash the power of end-to-end conversational buying experiences with WhatsApp Commerce Featured Image
Divya Murugesan

Jun 5, 2023

Over the past few years, WhatsApp Business has seen phenomenal adoption around the globe and is the fastest-growing B2C channel for customer engagement. Today, over 50 million brands use WhatsApp to send promotional and transactional messages to reach up to 2 billion active WhatsApp users. 

To help brands leverage the full potential of the channel, WhatsApp now enables businesses to create end-to-end conversational buying experiences. This allows users to discover, browse, and buy products right within WhatsApp — without any redirects.

Table of Contents
  1. Bridging the gap between customer expectations and CX

  2. What is WhatsApp Commerce?

  3. Popular use cases delivered on WhatsApp Commerce

  4. Leveraging Insider’s BSP status to get best-in-class WhatsApp service

Bridging the gap between customer expectations and CX

User expectations are changing rapidly–now more than ever, there is a heightened awareness and scrutiny towards pricing and value when making purchasing decisions. When you add to this the constant bombardment of campaigns across different channels, it’s no surprise that impatience is growing. Users want transparency and prefer streamlined experiences without unnecessary redirects or excessive clicks-to-action 

Today’s consumers want to:

  •  Engage on a familiar channel, something that is convenient for them to interact with businesses, with absolutely no learning curve.
  • Get to what they are looking for faster, delivered to them where they already are.
  • Complete purchases within their preferred channels without any redirects.

As we continue to move towards an economically fluctuating market, it’s critical for businesses to have a recession-proof digital strategy. One with minimal operational costs that align with customers’ preferences: prioritizing convenience, and familiarity.

To bridge these expectations while at the same time building a successful digital strategy, brands need to move into channel commerce–allowing users to experience end-to-end buying experiences within their preferred channels. 

After the successful implementation of channel commerce with AMP for Email, we are bringing you the next big shift in the customer experience. Introducing end-to-end conversational buying experiences on WhatsApp, with WhatsApp Commerce.

What is WhatsApp Commerce?

WhatsApp Commerce is the latest update by Meta. It lets businesses create end-to-end buying experiences on WhatsApp to allow users to discover, browse, buy, and even make payments within WhatsApp. WhatsApp Commerce combines the power of conversational commerce with instant messaging to deliver conversational buying experiences, all within the world’s biggest messaging app. 

An example of how WhatsApp Commerce looks to the end user

To make marketers’ lives easier, WhatsApp offers templates across the buying journey to help make this happen:

Promotional messages with conversational CTAs

Let users discover products through personalized promotional campaigns. Conversational CTAs give you the ability to design compelling conversations depending on the user’s response and take the engagement forward. 

Product and category lists

Create immersive product and category lists. Users can make their selections through radio buttons to proceed to the next step. 

Product detail cards

Product detail cards allow you to add details like title, description, and the before and after price of the product, along with CTA buttons such as “Add to cart” or “Send a message to business”. 

View cart

The view cart template automatically displays the items added by the user to their cart and lets them add or remove items. 

Make payment

WhatsApp allows businesses to integrate with the payment provider of their choice to enable users to complete transactions within the app. With additional buttons, businesses can also provide multiple payment options.

Popular use cases delivered on WhatsApp Commerce

WhatsApp Commerce is a versatile solution for businesses across verticals that want to expand their reach on WhatsApp and explore newer ways of engaging with their users. The power of reaching consumers wherever they are helps to influence every step of their journey to becoming happy and loyal customers. 

If you’re still unsure whether your business can benefit from WhatsApp Commerce, let’s take a deeper look at some real-life examples.

End-to-end purchase experience 

An eCommerce business wanting to increase conversions can trigger a “New Arrivals” campaign that leads to a conversational flow if the customer is interested in discovering its new products. 

The customer can then choose a product category, discover products by browsing through listings, view rich product details pages, add items to their cart, and purchase products all without leaving WhatsApp.

An example of WhatsApp Commerce for retail brands

Flight reminder flow with add-ons and upgrade options

An airline brand could send reminders for booked flights and follow through with a conversational flow to browse add-on services like seat upgrades, car rentals, and more to drive ancillary purchases. 

Conversational lead capture and client qualification 

A banking or insurance brand could create a lead generation survey to collect lead details and preferences, helping to direct clients to the right mortgage plan or compute interest payments.

Encourage repeat purchases with replenishment reminders

To increase ROI, businesses can trigger replenishment reminders to notify customers to replenish their stock based on their purchase history and usage.

Cart abandonment message with product details

Businesses looking to decrease cart abandonment rates, can send a targeted cart abandonment message with an option to buy the product within the WhatsApp interface without any redirects.

How can you leverage Insider’s BSP status to get best-in-class WhatsApp service?

Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce combines the power of segmentation with promotional messaging and conversational commerce. This allows brands to target users based on interests and predicted behavior to trigger relevant and timely conversations on WhatsApp that are more likely to convert. 

Insider also builds upon its existing capabilities to grow subscriber bases on WhatsApp, with new gamified templates and text-to-opt-in options, making the WhatsApp offering even more robust. 

It isn’t just customers who benefit from WhatsApp Commerce. Brands using the channel also benefit from end-to-end services and capabilities such as WhatsApp business account creation, template approval, advanced reporting, automation, frequency capping, WhatsApp intelligent virtual assistant, rich messages, and more. 

“At Insider, our vision has always been to provide one single operating platform which brings together data, insights, and experiences for marketers, product, CRM, digital, and commerce teams. By launching WhatsApp Commerce, we’re enabling brands to bridge the gap between marketing and customer experience by leveraging the full potential of a channel where consumers spend the most time. 

WhatsApp Commerce transforms the way users engage and purchase from brands without leaving their favorite app and is guaranteed to boost engagement and revenue, by driving stronger customer loyalty.”

Muharrem, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Insider.

Brands often struggle to deliver consistent experiences across channels, losing context as the customer switches from platform to platform. While brands leverage personalization to solve this to some extent, they still continue to use messaging channels like Email and native Messaging Apps to drive traffic back to their website or app. Product innovations like WhatsApp Commerce set to disrupt this status quo and will enable brands to deliver end-to-end experiences to consumers wherever they are.

Divya is a seasoned product marketer with over 10 years of experience in GTM strategy, product launches, and category evangelism. At Insider, she elevates industry-leading messaging and AI products with her positioning, messaging, and storytelling expertise. While her hands aren't meddling with word docs, she likes to play a game of Lego with her toddler while hashing out their favorite Peppa Pig episode.