Meet Insider’s Conversational CX solution: Delight your audience across the customer journey with contextual two-way conversations

Divya Murugesan

Apr 19, 2024

Meet Insider’s Conversational CX solution: Delight your audience across the customer journey with contextual two-way conversations Featured Image
Divya Murugesan

Apr 19, 2024

Insider introduces its Conversational CX solution to enhance customer experiences with AI-native, two-way conversations to market, sell, and support users along their customer journey. 

The emergence of Insider’s Conversational CX platform reflects the evolving dynamics of customer-business interactions over the years. Customers now prefer immediate attention to their needs through two-way dialogues instead of browsing and clicking on CTAs. And conversational CX gives them just that. Now, brands can seamlessly deliver data-driven, contextual, automated conversations to captivate leads, spur conversions, and enhance loyalty within users’ preferred channels—on autopilot.

Table of Contents
  1. The emergence of Insider’s customer experience solution

  2. What is Insider’s Conversational CX platform?

  3. What are 3 key features of a Conversational CX solution?

  4. Leverage Generative AI for seamless conversational customer experiences

  5. 6 reasons why marketers need Insider’s Conversational CX solution

  6. Conversational CX use cases for delightful omnichannel customer experiences

  7. Make the switch to Insider

  8. Frequently asked questions

The emergence of Insider’s customer experience solution 

The journey of Insider’s conversational marketing platform began with its strategic 2023 acquisition of MindBehind, a Conversational Commerce and Messaging platform. This acquisition paved the way for Insider to leverage MindBehind’s advanced technology and expertise in conversational AI for customer experience conversational solutions. The result? A powerful conversational CX platform that enables brands to design and deploy highly effective conversational customer experiences using drag-and-drop blocks and pre-defined templates without having to depend on coding.

“Thanks to Insider’s Conversational CX, our conversions on WhatsApp are now significantly higher than any other channel. We’ve been able to deliver faster, more personalized customer experiences using two-way conversations while generating more sales leads.”

  • Director of Communications at Renault

What is Insider’s Conversational CX platform?

A Conversational CX solution allows brands to design two-way conversational experiences across channels like WhatsApp, Instagram, Web, App, and more. These AI-native conversations leverage context from Insider’s Customer Data Platform to ensure every conversation is relevant and meaningful based on customer preferences and other attributes. 

Conversational CX allows you to craft conversations across the customer journey to enable micro-conversions, such as gathering leads, making a booking, choosing seats, providing inputs, gathering customer feedback, and much more. You can also integrate your extended tech stack including your support solution, loyalty system, CRM, and analytics tools to centralize your customer experiences based on user actions and event data. 

Our conversational CX system is powered by Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), which are AI-powered bots deployed on your users’ preferred channels to engage in meaningful conversations with a minimal training period. Brands can design conversations using drag-and-drop modules and templates that don’t require any coding efforts. 

What are 3 key features of a Conversational CX solution?

Three key features of a Conversational CX solution include:

  1. Natural Language Processing (NLP): This feature enables the system to understand and interpret human language, allowing for seamless communication between users and the conversational interface without the need for predefined commands.
  2. Personalization: Conversational CX Solutions utilize customer data and context to tailor interactions and responses, providing personalized recommendations, solutions, and assistance based on individual preferences, history, and behavior.
  3. Integration capabilities: These solutions integrate with various platforms and systems such as CRM software, knowledge bases, and third-party applications to access relevant data, streamline processes, and provide comprehensive support across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Leverage Generative AI for seamless conversational customer experiences

With Insider, brands can also leverage Generative AI to automate two-way conversations. With Gen AI, the bots come in pre-trained to handle queries with high accuracy and low latency. These Gen AI-powered conversational chatbots can be tailored to your business needs using prompts to deliver the right tone of voice and persona for the bot. And, to ensure that the bots don’t hallucinate too much, you can fine-tune bots by adding knowledge limits to their responses to ensure they stick to known topics and deflect anything controversial or out of their knowledge.

What distinguishes Insider’s Conversational CX solution is its extensive library of pre-built conversational blocks, empowering you to participate in dynamic two-way interactions that extend beyond mere dialogues. For example:

  • WhatsApp Commerce templates allow you to include product catalogs, product descriptions, and more to deliver a seamless WhatsApp conversational commerce strategy.
  • WhatsApp Flow templates to include calendars, lead generation forms, surveys, seat layouts, and more.
  • Click-to-WhatsApp and Click-to-Instagram DM Ad templates.
  • Web, App, and WhatsApp bots drag-and-drop conversational designs.
  • Gen AI modules to automatically generate two-way conversations.

“Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce has fundamentally changed how we interact with our customers. We’re now able to meet them where they already are and offer complete order booking experiences at the touch of a button within their favorite app. Introducing WhatsApp conversational commerce into our channels has reduced cart abandonment by 61% and improved AOV by 38%.”

– Ecommerce Director, Leading Grocery Store Retailer

6 reasons why marketers need Insider’s Conversational CX solution

Right now, brands mainly leverage conversational messaging to create siloed support experiences to engage with user queries post-purchase. However, with customers getting more impatient with their requirements, there’s a pressing need to reduce the customer purchase cycle and build purchase confidence throughout their lifecycle. 

A holistic conversational CX strategy that caters not just to support but also to promote products, build purchase confidence, generate leads, and promote sales helps you drastically reduce purchase cycles and engagement latency. 

Here are six reasons why you should choose Insider’s Conversational CX solution over siloed support solutions:

  1. Support customers better by understanding and predicting their next action: Access all the customer context you need with Insider’s CDP to deliver personalized support and engagement across their preferred channels. By leveraging segmentation, businesses can predict their customers’ actions and proactively reach out to enhance their experience while minimizing issues. Eg: Send a business-generated alert when their delivery gets delayed to prevent customer support tickets in the future and allow them to ask follow-up questions. This deep understanding of customer behavior allows for tailored interactions that resonate with each individual, fostering loyalty and satisfaction.
  1. Curate end-to-end experiences within their favorite channel with zero redirects: Create seamless end-to-end customer experiences to allow customers to discover, browse, buy, and self-serve on WhatsApp without any redirects. Be accessible 24/7 on their favorite channel to improve CLTV and boost conversions. Use niche WhatsApp templates like WhatsApp Commerce, WhatsApp Flows, and WhatsApp two-way conversations to create app-like interactive experiences to enable users to discover, browse, and buy items within WhatsApp. And allow users to engage in micro-conversions like booking a seat, entering their details, providing feedback, making a booking, and more.
  1. Deliver AI-native conversations at scale to resolve 70% of customer queries: Our AI-native bots can engage in conversations instantly to resolve queries without agent intervention. Using Generative AI, you can assign personas to your bots to create interactive self-service experiences in line with your brand voice and tone. To ensure your bot avoids controversial topics and deflects unwanted queries, you can tune your bot with knowledge limits to make sure it sticks to the assigned topics and never speaks out of turn.
  2. Enjoy 3X faster TTV with go-live in 8 weeks: Pick your channels, explore templates, design conversational flows, and train your bots easily with our experts. With Insider’s conversational CX solution, you can push your first cross-channel conversational CX campaign live in less than eight weeks. Insider also offers 3X faster TTV compared to other players. 
  3. Maximize your ROI: Improve ROI unlike any other channel. With Conversational CX, you can access dozens of pre-defined use cases designed to increase ROAS for marketing with click-to-WhatsApp ads, increase sales using WhatsApp Commerce, increase traffic through Instagram Business chatbots, and reduce contact center cost by supporting queries using AI-native bots. This leads to increased ROI within months of usage. 
  4. There are no hidden charges: We understand how tiring it is to be bombarded with hidden charges every time you want to build a conversational flow, integrate with a new tool, or optimize your existing flows. That’s why our experts will help you with conversational design, onboarding, integrations, and knowledge training for your bots at no extra cost.

Conversational CX use cases for delightful omnichannel customer experiences

Coming up are some best practice use cases to deliver seamless omnichannel customer experiences. Keep reading to find out more.

Use cases to increase lead generation

Increase ad engagement and convert more subscribers with click-to-action ads

Maximize ROAS and convert leads using WhatsApp or Instagram DM as your CTA. Engage users immediately by directing them to WhatsApp or Instagram to continue their conversation, and increase subscribers in the process.

Increase ad engagement and convert more subscribers with click-to-action ads

Unlock Instagram DM as a channel with automated Instagram Business chat 

Effortlessly engage with over 1 billion Instagram users. Use AI-powered chatbots to gather first-party data, boost interactions, gain subscribers, drive conversions, and more from directly within Instagram.

Unlock Instagram DM as a channel with automated bots

Encourage customers to take action with unstructured two-way conversations

Encourage customers to take action as part of your promotional strategy with personalized customer experiences and conversations that drive action. Make the conversation relevant and timely by using real-time customer data.

Encourage customers to take action with unstructured two-way conversations

Use cases to boost sales

Deliver end-to-end buying experiences with WhatsApp Commerce

Enable your users to discover, browse, and buy on WhatsApp with end-to-end shopping experiences, all from within the world’s most popular app with zero redirects. 

Deliver end-to-end buying experiences with WhatsApp Commerce

Build flexible customer journeys with WhatsApp Flows

No matter what your industry or goal, WhatsApp Flows gives you the flexibility to build bespoke end-to-end conversational experiences within WhatsApp. From booking an appointment, selecting a seat, or collecting feedback—we have you covered.

Build flexible customer journeys with WhatsApp Flows

Drive cross-selling and upselling with personalized recommendations

Purchase already made? Leverage AI-native product recommendations to effortlessly upsell and cross-sell based on your customers’ purchase history, preferences, or intent. With Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce solution, consumers can complete their purchases directly in the app.

Drive cross-selling and upselling with personalized recommendations

Use cases to offer seamless customer support

Craft your own version of ChatGPT

Leverage prompts to create your own Gen AI chatbot, complete with distinct personas to foster intelligent and secure conversations in your brand’s tone of voice. Implement automatic knowledge limits to prevent unauthorized data exchange and ensure seamless interactions with a bot built responsibly, efficiently, and effectively.

Craft your own version of ChatGPT

Proactively anticipate and resolve customer queries 

Reduce support inquiries with an FAQ library and notifications for issues like order delays or delivery updates. Use Conversational AI to address customer queries across multiple channels such as WhatsApp, Web, Chatbot, and Instagram, enhancing response times and boosting customer satisfaction.

Proactively anticipate and resolve customer queries

Seamlessly handover conversations to your agents 

Boost team productivity with our agent dashboard, which seamlessly integrates contextual customer data and bot conversation analysis to improve agent handling of queries and improve efficiency.

Seamlessly handover conversations to your agents

“Thanks to Insider, Avis’s AI-based digital assistant can complete 70% of conversations on its own, without falling back on live agents. This has not only increased our confidence in AI-powered customer communications but saved us 39% in costs associated with customer support.”

  • Marketing Director at Avis

Make the switch to Insider

Choose Insider’s Conversational CX solution to improve your engagement rate and add a personal touch to your cross-channel customer experience. Conversations help you understand users better, build purchase confidence, and create memorable experiences across the entire customer journey. It also creates an endless feedback loop that’s immediate and bound to convert. 

Book a demo with us today to understand how Conversational CX can transform your customer experience. 

Frequently asked questions

What is a Conversational CX solution?

A Conversational CX Solution is a technological platform that integrates conversational interfaces, such as chatbots and virtual assistants, into customer experience strategies. It facilitates real-time, personalized interactions between businesses and customers through natural language processing.

How does a Conversational CX solution improve customer service?

A Conversational CX Solution enhances customer service by providing immediate assistance, resolving queries efficiently, and offering personalized recommendations. It minimizes wait times, increases accessibility, and improves overall satisfaction by delivering seamless interactions across various touchpoints.

What industries can benefit from Conversational CX solutions?

Virtually all industries can benefit from Conversational CX Solutions, including retail, e-commerce, banking, healthcare, travel, and telecommunications. Any sector that prioritizes customer engagement, support, and satisfaction can leverage these solutions to streamline processes and enhance experiences.

How do you implement a Conversational CX Solution in an existing customer service strategy?

To implement a Conversational CX Solution into an existing customer service strategy, businesses should start by identifying key touchpoints and customer pain points. They can then select suitable conversational technologies, customize conversation flows, train chatbots or virtual assistants, and continuously optimize based on feedback and data analysis. Integration with existing CRM systems and knowledge bases ensures consistency and efficiency in customer interactions.

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