Get granular with 120+ attributes

Identify, define, and target your audience with 120+ attributes, including traits, behaviors, preferences, and more.

Follow the rules, or write your own

Insider’s rule engine helps you set parameters around sessions, exit intent, and even a customer’s local weather. Standard rules not cutting it? Write custom rules for unmatched control.

High-converting predictive segments

Fed up with low conversion rates? Create intelligent segments that speak to individuals on their level — factor in discount affinity, likelihood of purchase, lifecycle stage, and more in real time with Insider’s powerful predictive engine.

Segment your users based on real-time events

Make predictions about everything from purchase to churn in real time with Insider's AI engine, so you do not miss out on micro moment opportunities to delight your users.

Extended Features

Any Segment You Can Imagine

Don’t let your budget go down the drain. Segment users any way you like. Add rules on top of segments that light up engagement.

Save Time with Saved Segments

Why do the same work over and over again? Reduce the time and effort you spend on 1:1 campaigns by saving your most frequently
used segments.

Custom Datasets

Customization is king. From cookie values to POS data, you have endless ways to refine segments no matter where your data comes from..

Trigger Behavior with Segments

See what makes engagement go up—and down. Create triggers based on user interactions and convert them into customers with military-like precision.

Give Them a Reason to Stay

Should I stay or should I go? Detect when users are about to bounce with Insider’s exit intent trigger. Get them to stay with a perfectly crafted message made just for them.

Location Intelligence

How do you say “tailored experiences” where you are? Create location-specific experiences that resonate with individuals no matter where they are. Localize by country, state, city, or custom geofences.

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