Increase engagement with personalized mobile app experiences

Deliver unique in-app experiences tailored to every customer. Increase app stickiness, enhance product discovery, and drive conversions and CLTV at scale with meaningful in-app interactions.

Trusted by marketing teams at 1,200+ brands, from high-growth start-ups to enterprise players

Build captivating in-app experiences with zero IT dependency

Take advantage of our library of ready-made templates covering multiple industries, business goals and metrics to create personalized app experiences – without IT support. Customize layouts and add elements such as countdowns, CTA buttons, and more in a single click.

‘’Our main goal was to build easy communication with our mobile app users regarding promos. As a brand, we have lots of promo activities on a monthly basis and Insider helps us to cover this need’’

Digital Manager

Improve app stickiness with immersive push notifications

Deliver rich App Push Notifications including carousels, sliders, and discovery push templates to boost app stickiness. Trigger notifications in real-time based on user location or lifecycle events to increase conversions.

Our industry-leading technology bypasses network and device barriers to increase delivery rates.

“What impressed us most is Insider’s AI-powered segmentation capabilities. The platform learns from customer behavior and identifies which products and services would interest each customer most. This powerful intelligence helps us maximize engagement and deliver relevant, timely experiences.”

Marketing and Service Design Group Head

Effortless product discovery built for mobile app

Enhance app engagement by simplifying product discovery for every customer. Insider’s 20+ AI-powered recommendation algorithms showcase products your customers will love to increase product discovery, boost sales, and drive more revenue.

Launch and scale mobile app experiments with ease

With Insider you can experiment without limitation. Run tests in a matter of minutes to create the ultimate app experience. Test layouts, CTAs, images, and offers to drive incremental gains in the shortest time – and without development effort.

“Insider experimentation capabilities are great. Tests are so easy to set up. We saw incremental results so quickly. take long to see the results. It gives an in-depth way to analyze how your users interact with the app. You get immediate feedback on the changes you make, which helps you make better decisions on your app.”

Chief Operations Officer
Global luxury retailer

Build experiences beyond the app with Architect

Create frictionless customer journeys across 12+ channels with Insider’s AI-powered customer journey builder, Architect. From boosting app downloads to driving purchases within the app, Architect enables you to engage customers across wherever they engage, including app, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and much more.

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Insider tops G2 Winter’24 reports as the #1 Leader in six categories

We’ve topped the charts as the #1 Leader in G2’s Winter‘24 reports with the highest user satisfaction score (100/100). We ranked highest across six categories—Personalization, Customer Data Platforms, Mobile Marketing, and more. Insider also skyrocketed up the Marketing Automation report, with the highest progression of any vendor listed.

DeFacto drives 8X higher conversion rate with behavioral App Push notifications

“Since we started using Insider’s mobile app push notifications, the growth team at Insider has been a great support, helping us whenever we’ve needed a bit of guidance. Insider’s Push Notifications proved to be highly effective in helping us realize our revenue goals and improving the retention of our mobile app users.“

Ecommerce Manager at DeFacto

Frequently asked questions

Mobile app personalization involves customizing a user’s experience within an app based on their behavior, preferences, and interactions, delivering tailored content and features that resonate with individual users.

Personalization in mobile apps is crucial as it enhances user engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty by offering content and experiences that match individual preferences, leading to a more fulfilling and relevant app interaction.

App personalization benefits users by offering a more tailored, intuitive, and user-centric experience, delivering content, features, and recommendations aligned with their preferences and behaviors.

To personalize a mobile app, strategies include analyzing user data, employing user segmentation, offering personalized recommendations, and customizing the app’s interface based on individual preferences and behaviors.

AI aids in-app personalization by analyzing vast amounts of user data to predict and customize user experiences, offering personalized recommendations, content, and features that align with individual preferences and behaviors.

App push notifications are messages sent by mobile apps to users’ devices, providing real-time updates, alerts, or personalized information, aiming to re-engage users and prompt actions within the app.