Inea increases click-through to order page by 22.5% with social proof

About Inea

INEA Joint Stock Company is the largest telecommunications operator in Wielkopolska, Poland, providing advanced telecommunication services based on cutting-edge fibre optic networks. Serving both businesses and private consumers, INEA’s mission is to provide useful, reliable multimedia and telecommunications services that help make people’s daily lives easier.
Cross-Channel Knowledge Sharing to Drive Lead Conversion

Online channels are evolving for telecommunications companies as customers and prospects switch to online. And as these channels evolve, so too does the challenge of achieving and maintaining high conversion rates across each one. For example, prospects may spend time checking out a business’s website, but still prefer to speak to a real person to arrange their order, or contract.

Imagine how efficient the sales process could be if your team had access to a wealth of information about the prospect before they even picked up the phone. Think – behaviors, interests, how engaged they are already with your brand. Sound good? This is what INEA wanted to equip their call center sales team with to help increase the conversion rate of leads coming from their website, and turned to Insider for help.

With Insider’s single customer view, the INEA team is able to see a complete picture of any individual customer or prospect. They’ll have up-to-the minute information about their browsing history, and which product they were interested in, at their fingertips.

Addressing the challenge of increasing INEA’s website lead conversion required a multi-pronged approach. The team at Insider decided to perform several site optimizations to increase engagement, learn more about visitor behaviors, and create effective visitor profiles. 

Site-Wide Optimization to Gather Visitor Data

Insider worked with INEA to deploy a sophisticated, yet simple to implement, program of tests and personalizations to boost the conversion rate of site leads.

Together with the Insider team, INEA created personalized scenarios for specific visitor segments to increase engagement, such as new and returning visitors. This meant, for example, that visitors who had already interacted with the website were shown the offer(s) that they had previously been looking at, so they could pick up exactly where they left off and continue their journey down the sales funnel. They also created new touchpoints at which they could gather more visitor data to help enrich the single customer view and provide valuable details to sales teams.

INEA knows that many customers and prospects access their website via their mobile phone, so one of the first things they did was place a prominent “Click-to-Call” button to their mobile site, making it simple for visitors to connect with a member of the team.

New prospects visiting INEA’s site were shown a banner on the homepage advertising INEA’s “Year for Free” offer. The contact form was also moved closer to the top of the page for this visitor segment, to make it more visible and encourage new visitors to get in touch.

On selected offer pages, visitors were shown how many people had been interested in that particular offer in the last 12 hours. The introduction of a “social proof” element can act as a conversion driver, as people follow “the wisdom of the crowd”. Once a visitor selected an offer, and proceeded to the order page, they were presented with an order form in which the mandatory fields were highlighted. This showed users at-a-glance how little effort was required to complete the form.

Finally, if a visitor went to leave the site without converting, they were shown a form asking for their contact details. This helped INEA capture valuable information about the type of offer the customer was interested in, and create a multi-channel sales opportunity between the website and call center. The information could then be used by the outbound sales team to ensure that they were presenting prospects with the most relevant information.

Several of these scenarios also included A/B tests to compare the effectiveness of different versions before full deployment on the site.

Optimizing the user journey helped to engage new and returning prospects, and helped INEA better understand their visitor behaviors. The final piece of the puzzle was bridging the knowledge gap between their call center agents and online teams through the creation of single customer portraits containing everything the sales team needed to know to help close the deal. 


All of the optimization activities performed on the INEA site proved effective at increasing both engagement and conversions. The banner for first time visitors on the homepage resulted in a 102.3% uplift in the number of visitors who left their contact information on the homepage. The click-to-call button generated more than 1500 sales calls during the test period, the forms with mandatory fields highlighted resulted in more than a 200% increase in the number of forms submitted, and the social proof test increased the click-through to order page by more than 22.5%.

“Repurposing our search bar to run a promotion was a great idea from the Insider team, and one that had a huge business impact. It shows that sometimes the simplest things can make a big difference; we didn’t even need to design an ad! We’ll be running these types of promotions regularly now, and are looking for other innovative ways to optimize our site to support our business goals.”

Izabela Iwaniak

E-Sales Manager

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