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Lanvin achieves 20X ROI and a 34% increase in CVR by leveraging Architect to deliver personalized omnichannel experiences for luxury shoppers

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“In the world of luxury fashion, where exclusivity, sophistication, and personalization reign supreme, staying ahead of the curve requires more than just exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Brands like ours must leverage cutting-edge technologies like AI and automation to elevate the customer experience to new heights. By partnering with Insider, we’ve been able to seamlessly blend traditional luxury with modern innovation and set a new standard for personalized luxury shopping and deliver 20X ROI.”

Laura Astié, Global Omnichannel Director at Lanvin

Executive summary

Lanvin’s partnership with Insider has been instrumental in its journey towards redefining the luxury customer experience. Through Insider’s AI-native platform, Lanvin has been able to streamline its marketing efforts, deliver targeted campaigns, and personalize every interaction with its customers. From cart abandonment strategies to personalized product recommendations, Lanvin has leveraged Insider’s capabilities to enhance customer engagement and drive conversions. With over 255 campaigns launched since 2021 and a remarkable 20X ROI, Lanvin’s partnership with Insider continues to drive impressive results.

About Lanvin

Established in 1889 by the pioneering Jeanne Lanvin, Lanvin is the oldest active fashion house in the world, boasting a rich heritage of elegance and refinement. From its inception, Lanvin has been synonymous with liberation, offering women freedom from restrictive corsets while embracing comfortable yet chic fashion.

Today, Lanvin continues to honor its legacy by embracing innovation, as seen in its collaboration with an American rapper through the Lanvin Lab launched in 2023. With over 300 points of sale and a digital growth strategy, Lanvin remains at the forefront of the luxury fashion industry.

Why Insider?

Lanvin’s objectives are clear: to enhance conversion rates, increase repeat purchases, and innovate its online presence. However, in luxury fashion, delivering a personalized experience while maintaining the brand’s essence poses significant challenges. These challenges are compounded by the limitations of IT infrastructure and the need for seamless integration between online and offline channels. Lanvin sought a solution to bridge these gaps and deliver unparalleled luxury experiences to its customers, and Insider offered everything it needed.


Using Social Proof, Banners, and Smart Recommender to deliver engaging onsite experiences for every shopper

The challenge

In the luxury industry, where exclusivity and sophistication are paramount, integrating personalization requires a delicate balance. Lanvin’s customers expect nothing less than perfection, so any personalization efforts needed to align with the brand’s identity and values. Lanvin was looking for a solution that could deliver personalized experiences at scale to ensure a seamless shopping experience to customers—whatever their intent and preferences.

The solution

Working closely with Insider, Lanvin prioritized on-site personalization to ensure every shopper received an online shopping experience unique to them. Through AI and automation, Lanvin tailored experiences to individual customer preferences, behaviors, and interactions across all touchpoints. This initiative introduced customized onsite banners and Insider’s AI-native Smart Recommender to ensure relevant, timely, and personalized experiences for luxury shoppers. The team also launched Insider’s powerful conversion-driving capability, Social Proof, across all product pages to create urgency and encourage shoppers to complete their purchases.

“As a luxury brand, we’re particularly demanding and protective of our brand image. Insider offers advanced personalization tools that allow us to deliver seamless experiences in line with our brand. With Insider, we can now employ control groups to test against AI-proposed models. All product recommendations undergo marketing validation and A/B testing for visual effectiveness, with Insider’s AI-native platform now managing a significant portion of our workload.”

Laura Astié, Global Omnichannel Director


Leveraging advanced journey orchestration to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences across Email and Web Push

The challenge

Lanvin was looking for a solution that could help them increase conversion rates by encouraging abandoned shoppers to return and complete their purchases. It needed a platform that could deliver personalized re-engagement campaigns at scale.

The solution

With Insider, the team was able to implement an advanced communications strategy based on each shopper’s individual preferences. By leveraging its unified online and offline data within Insider’s Customer Data Platform, the team identified dormant users, then used its journey orchestration solution, Architect, to deliver compelling messages across Email and Web Push featuring dynamic product recommendations. Each AI-driven message was tailored to the customer’s past interactions, purchase history, and onsite behavior to ensure every interaction was as relevant as possible.


“From cart abandonment strategies to personalized product recommendations, Insider’s industry-leading capabilities have hugely helped us enhance customer engagement and drive more conversions. With over 255 campaigns launched since 2021 and a remarkable 20X ROI, Lanvin’s partnership with Insider has changed how we communicate with our customers for the better.”

Laura Astié, Global Omnichannel Director

Looking ahead

Lanvin is committed to further integrating AI and automation into its operations to enhance personalization, refine segmentation, and deliver hierarchical experiences that align with luxury codes. By harnessing the power of AI, Lanvin aims to create journeys based on offline behaviors, expand marketing automation across additional channels, and continue delivering unparalleled luxury experiences to its discerning clientele.

Favorite feature


Lanvin’s favorite Insider feature is Architect which has allowed the brand to engage customers with dynamic product recommendations and content at scale and on autopilot.

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