European Women’s Bodywear Giant Hunkemöller Achieves 20% Conversion Uplift Using Insider’s Social Proof



Hunkemöller is the leading women’s bodywear retailer in western Europe with over 940 stores across 21 countries. The brand offers the full range of bodywear for women comprising bras, underwear, nightwear, swimwear and beach coordinates, hosiery, beauty and sportswear. Staying true to the Hunkemӧller vision—combining functionality and affordability through changing fashion trends—the brand designs 95% of its products in-house.

Driving Purchases Through Showcasing Popular Products

Hunkemöller wanted to increase the conversion rate on their site and drive purchases by showcasing their most popular products.

One of the proven ways to achieve this goal is to display the popularity of products (social proof messaging) as shoppers are browsing on your site to drive urgency and create a fear of missing out (FOMO).

Promoting Add-to-Cart with Social Proof

Hunkemöller’s marketing team and Insider’s growth experts got to work on designing a social proof campaign.
An in-basket algorithm—a variation of social proof—was implemented on the site. This algorithm works by identifying popular products (products which have been added to cart at least three times by other users in the past 24 hours).
The social proof in-basket algorithm was activated on the product pages for all products meeting this condition—to actively promote them and engage customers to make the purchase.
When customers visited the product pages for these products, they were shown a social proof message highlighting how many times the product was added to the cart in a given time period.
This helped Hunkemöller create a sense of urgency among customers—prompting them to add the product to cart and complete the purchase.
Insider’s easily customizable social proof feature helped Hunkemöller optimize the color, image and text speedily to deliver truly native experiences.

20% Conversion Rate Uplift Using A/B Testing & Social Proof

Hunkemöller decided to roll out Insider’s Social Proof on both web and mobile web with a 50-50 A/B testing strategy. 50% of the visitors to the website on both mobile and desktop were shown Social Proof scenarios. Based on the A/B testing campaigns, Hunkemöller observed a conversion rate uplift of 20% on desktop and 13% uplift across mobile devices. In just a month, Hunkemöller saw increased conversion rates and the resulting uplift in revenue from running Social Proof campaigns on product pages. Social Proof is a powerful customer engagement feature that draws on the wisdom of the crowd to create a sense of urgency or FOMO—and encourages customers to make the purchase. To find out more about how Social Proof can help you drive revenue and growth request a quick personalized demo here.

“Our goal was to drive conversions and purchases. When we were introduced to Insider’s social proof technology, it sounded like we found what we were looking for, however, we had our doubts at how effective it might be. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw the results and all this in just a month’s time. A 20% increase in conversions on the desktop web using only Social Proof is truly remarkable. We also loved that Insider’s Social Proof campaigns are customizable—which enabled us to personalize it to our brand requirements”

— Bert Middendorp, Manager eCommerce at Hunkemöller