Circles.Life boosts conversions by 7.84% with exit-intent overlays

The survey helped us gather some very useful information about our user experience that enabled us to retain high-LTP users.


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About Circles.Life

Circles.Life is Asia’s first online-only digital telco company. Founded in 2016 by three friends, their mission is to re-imagine the mobile experience for the digital consumer and disrupt the multi-trillion-dollar global telco industry.
The company embodies core values of choice, simplicity and happiness. At Circles.Life, customers have full control over their mobile plans, and can build one that’s perfectly tailored to their needs and lifestyle.
With their game-changing digital products and leading no-contract, data-focused mobile plans, Circles.Life is bringing a whole new experience to the digital consumer market.

Addressing High Website Exit Rates with Insider’s Exit Intent Technology

The team at Circles.Life noticed a high exit rate on their website, and wanted to understand what was going wrong. They wanted to quickly identify the concerns that were pushing users away – particularly users with a high Likelihood to Purchase (LTP) – so that they could start addressing them immediately.

To get the required insights, the team decided to make use of Insider’s Exit Intent Technology for Web. Using the technology, they built an Exit Intent Survey and targeted it to high-LTP users. The survey was displayed to high-LTP users when they tried to exit the website, i.e. by moving their cursor towards the “x” button in their browser window.

Analyzing Survey Responses to Improve the Customer Experience

Responses from the Exit Intent Survey were collated and analyzed to identify users’ top concerns. As an immediate solution, Insider recommended that Circles.Life directed users to different landing pages containing relevant information based on their concerns.

For example, users who chose “I’m unsure how the plan works” were directed to the FAQ page where they could learn more.

For instance, customers who showed an interest in Galaxy Note 9 were shown relevant content and product messages like introductory offers and discounts when they pre-booked a Galaxy Note 9 device, and content highlighting unique features.

This targeting increased relevance and contributed to a massive uplift of 275% in conversions. Also, Samsung’s overall conversion rate increased to 10%

Putting Insights into Action Boosted Conversions by 7.84%

As well as helping to direct users to the information they were looking for, the survey responses also helped the Circles.Life team gather important customer insights which were then leveraged to increase the average session duration and the conversion rate for the website.

With a survey response rate of 5.48%, Circles.Life tracked a conversion rate uplift of 7.84% with an average session duration uplift of 5.12%. These results also accounted for an incremental conversion uplift of 17%.

“When it comes to improving retention and revenue, we understand the importance of customer insights, so we were delighted to discover Insider’s Exit Intent Technology. The survey helped us gather some very useful information about our user experience that enabled us to retain high-LTP users. We also shared these insights internally to help us craft the messaging on our website, and in our upcoming campaigns. We’re really excited to see what else we can achieve with Insider, and next we’re going to focus on improving our payment options.”

Gaurav Gupta

Senior Regional Manager, Omnichannel Marketing

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