Coca-Cola sees a 19% conversion rate uplift with onsite engagement actions

Our experience with Insider has been outstanding from the beginning. It has allowed us to work with a team that is constantly concerned with bringing us new ideas to improve the performance of our site.


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About Coca-Cola Embonor

Coca-Cola Embonor S.A. is a Chilean company mainly engaged in the licensed production and distribution of non-alcoholic beverages from The Coca-Cola Company. They are responsible for about 37% of Coca-Cola’s total volume of sales in Chile and close to 100% of the sales in Bolivia.

Founded in 1962, Coca-Cola (Chile) boasts annual incomes upwards of $800 million and employs over 4,000 people.

The company has recently expanded into the marketing and distribution of alcoholic beverages for the company Diageo PLC. The territory in which they operate these brands is Chile.

Adding product coupons stimulates an uplift in conversions

Coca-Cola was experiencing a lackluster rate of conversions related to the number of users that were visiting their web page. To reduce the bounce rate, Insider proposed using coupons for product savings as an encouragement to make a prompt purchase. This concept was implemented to convert new and returning users.

After making the initial purchase, first time purchasers were offered a feedback survey to communicate their sentiments about the coupon campaign. The data collected would be assessed and used to guide further offerings.

Coca-Cola saw an uplift of 19% conversion rates in the three months following the launch of the coupon initiative.

Immersive product discovery with InStory

Connecting with busy audiences who have a short attention span can be a challenge for any business. Coca-Cola wanted to spice up their new campaigns and product launches to capture user interest with immersive messaging.

By applying InStory, with its capacity to provide a rich visual experience, Coca-Cola was able to increase the impact of messaging to promote new products and sales campaigns. Using data from users allowed for more targeted messaging to lead visitors to specific web pages Coca-Cola wished to feature.

The InStory campaigns were responsible for generating approximately one thousand clicks within a three month period. The increases in interest shown came mainly from mobile devices, though the number of desktop clicks was impressive as well. Additionally there is an average improvement in the bounce rate of 29% in the period.

Increasing conversion rates with social proof

Another potent tool to influence the behavior of users is by using crowd social proof. By displaying a pattern of activity among peers, savvy marketers can coax users into making the same choices. The growth consultants at Insider advanced this as another solution to drive conversions.

Insider’s Social Proof messaging informed users how many others had purchased a particular product within the previous 24 hours. This created a sense of popularity. The Social Proof solution was added to the entire product line Coca-Cola offers in their area of operations.

Coca-Cola and Insider tested the social proof concept two ways. The goal was to verify which would be more effective in driving users to buy now: showing the count of product views or the count of product purchases. The conclusion was made that the product purchase numbers were more compelling. The strategy produced a conversion rate uplift of over 12% in one month.

Looking Ahead

Coca-Cola is presently exploring Insider’s dynamic AI-backed segmentation capabilities to create improved personalization of the user experience. They are also evaluating Architect, Insider’s tailored journey builder, to determine how best to generate increased conversions by employing the channels with the greatest user impact.

“Our experience with Insider has been outstanding from the beginning. It has allowed us to work with a team that is constantly concerned with bringing us new ideas to improve the performance of our site. They're always there to help us optimize our campaigns and teach us how to use Insider's tools to help us become independent and scale our expertise and growth. We're delighted with the results of the campaigns and the team that we have formed — we want to go for more.”

Macarena Arriagada

Manager of Digital Channels

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