Meal Box get 3.2% more cart abandoners to complete their purchases

About Meal Box

Meal Box offers customers healthy, home-cooked food delivered to their door. Founded in 2014, the company saw a gap in the market for the delivery of high-quality, beautifully presented meals that catered to local tastes. A world away from the standard pizza and other fast food options, Meal Box has proved hugely popular, quickly growing its operations.
Addressing Cart Abandonment
Any online retailer knows that getting customers to add items to their cart is only half the battle. Even once a visitor has reached this late stage in their journey, there is still plenty of opportunity for it to go wrong. Cart abandonment – where a customer simply exits a site or app before completing their purchase – is a frustrating phenomenon that affects all online retailers. Meal Box was no different. The company was experiencing high cart abandonment rates through their popular app, and were looking for a way to address this. 
Push Notifications to Encourage Order Completion
Using Insider’s push notification technology, Meal Box set up a push notification targeting customers that had abandoned their cart. This notification was delivered 15 minutes after a customer had closed the app without completing their order. 


The push notifications had the desired effect, with 3.2% of cart abandoners returning to complete their orders.

“Cart abandonment is a common headache for online businesses. We were really impressed by the insights and ideas that Insider came up with. Not only did they help us find a good solution for our problem, they also spent time getting to know our team and training them on how to quickly and easily create these notifications themselves. It’s been quite a journey, but we’re just at the beginning. There’s so much potential with Insider, and we’re really excited about what they future will hold!”

CEO / Founding Partner

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