IRVINS Records a 64.4% CR Uplift Using Insider’s Personalization Tech


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IRVINS Seafood Restaurant was first established in 2008 in Singapore and was best known for great tasting yet affordable live crab dishes – especially the signature Salted Egg Crab with its creamy flowing golden sauce. The owners began experimenting with many new dishes, eventually leading to the creation of the totally unique sweet and savory snacks: the salted egg fish skin and salted egg potato chips. 

In 2014, IRVINS Salted Egg was born and eventually became a household name synonymous with Salted Egg not just in Singapore but also in the region. With their strong focus on international expansion, IRVINS has helped put Singapore on the global snacks map! 

Bounce rates & guiding new users towards products using personalized overlays.

IRVINS' premium status means snacks that are higher-priced than others. They noticed that a significant percentage of visitors were landing on the eCommerce site but not completing a purchase. IRVINS' wanted to reduce the bounce rate and also improve engagement with new visitors to spark their interest and guide them towards products suited to their tastes.

To understand customers’ tastes and preferences, the Insider team suggested the use of overlays to ask questions and then suggesting a range of snacks based on their answers. This would give customers a push in the right direction, encouraging them to explore more.

Within a week of implementing this, IRVINS saw a CTR of 33.3% which surpassed the industry average for a desktop overlays by a large margin.

Improving the convenience of shopping using segmentation and personalization based on geography.

With an international presence in 10 countries, IRVINS wanted to display discounts and offers in appropriate currencies to make it convenient for their customers from different geographies to make purchase choices.

Insider helped IRVINS intelligently segment their customers based on their geographical location, and then showing them information bars personalized accordingly. They were able to display tempting discounts in an attractive, eye-catching way to encourage shoppers.

This helped IRVINS boost their total sales from clicks with an average CTR of 18.2%.

Highlighting new launches and tackling drop-offs using redirection bars.

IRVINS wanted to captivate customers with exciting highlights to prevent them from dropping off, while also providing users a quicker, easier way to discover new launches without having to scroll all the way to the bottom for recommendations.

Insider’s Account Management team recommended the use of strategically placed redirection bars on their website to showcase best selling products, new launches, etc., to enable users to continue their product discovery smoothly.

The redirection bars increased average pages/session duration by 50%, leading to a CR uplift of 64.4%.

Increasing user engagement on the website using interactive gamification overlays.

IRVINS sought to offer coupons in an exciting manner for a National Day campaign. They also wanted to improve overall engagement without the campaigns appearing spammy or irritating.

The Insider team helped IRVINS implement the fun, gamified Spin the Wheel overlays to show when users land on the website. It prompts the user to spin the wheel and allows them to retrieve the coupon code of the prize on which they land. If they saw the overlays but didn’t engage with it, the user will see a wheel icon on the left hand corner in their next sessions, prompting them to spin the wheel to get their discount.

The gamification resulted in very high CTRs of 55.1% for desktop and 68.8% for mobile.

Understanding user preferences and behavior through a survey overlays.

IRVINS, committed to offering the best service and products to their customers, wanted to understand what makes them leave the website without making a purchase.

The Insider team, well-versed with tools and methods to garner customer behavior information and data, suggested the use of a survey to overlays upon detecting exit intent.

IRVINS is now better able to understand their users’ behaviors & preferences. For example, they found out that their customers would prefer more sizing options, and are considering the pros and cons of making it happen. Another finding was that a lot of customers were simply browsing without the intent of buying. This has prompted them to now set up a cart abandonment journey with us to push users further to the next stage in the sales funnel.

Looking Ahead

Moving forward, IRVINS plans to leverage Insider’s technology to identify more customer segments that they can target with personalized offers and messages. They will also be focusing on A/B testing of pages and sessions to improve the UI/UX of their website for a smoother user experience. Additionally, there will be a greater focus on optimizing the mobile experience for users. 

“Insider has been an instrumental partner for IRVINS in our e-Commerce strategy. Through their local customer success support, we have strategized together to ensure we personalize the experience for every visitor and continue to engage them with relevant offers. As IRVINS continues to expand across the globe, e-Commerce will be a key driver of our growth and Insider has been a valued partner in supporting us to achieve our business goals.”

Reno Chow

Head & Global e-commerce

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