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How Bumrungrad International Hospital increased CVR by 25% in one year using Insider’s onsite personalization tools

Category Optimizer


increase in CVR


increase in
open rate


increase in CTR






Onsite (Web/Mobile)
Cross-Channel (Architect)


Category Optimizer
Hello Bar

Insider’s martech solutions empowered us to deliver highly-tailored experiences and achieve a remarkable 25% increase in conversions in our healthcare campaigns.”

Digital Content Strategy &
Marketing Automation Manager

Executive summary

Bumrungrad International Hospital was keen to offer seamless digital journeys for users to match its world-class healthcare services. Bumrungrad worked closely with Insider’s optimization experts to deliver powerful personalized customer experiences across all channels, resulting in a 25% increase in conversions over the course of one year. 

About Bumrungrad

Founded in 1980 in Bangkok, Thailand, Bumrungrad International Hospital is one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia and has been listed on the Thai stock exchange since 1989. Treating over 1.1 million patients a year from 190 countries, the hospital is internationally renowned for its world-class services and pioneering approach to healthcare. Bumrungrad has over 1,300 doctors and more than 4,800 support professionals, and continually seeks to go the extra mile in providing the best quality care possible. 


12.9% increase in open rates using Category Optimizer and Architect 

The challenge

Bumrungrad International Hospital aimed to provide personalized user experiences to its website visitors right from the home page. It wanted to ensure each visitor would land on the most relevant page based on their interests, needs, and preferences. 

The solution

Insider’s team recommended integrating Category Optimizer, an AI-backed tool that dynamically reorders category listings, creating a personalized view for each visitor. 

Insider then advised leveraging Architect, it’s AI-backed customer journey orchestrator. This tool sends messages to users tailored by time, relevance, and preferred channels. The hospital then A/B tested the strategies that garnered the highest user engagement and click through rates.

By implementing these solutions, Bumrungrad was able to build seamless user journeys across various multiple touchpoints.

The results


 increase in open rates


2.7% increase in click through rates using Hello Bar

The challenge

Bumrungrad wanted web visitors to be aware of its discounted offers on health checkup packages as part of a Health Fair. It wanted to communicate this information to users to increase uptake of the discounted packages, but wasn’t sure of the most effective way to do this. It recognized the importance of prominently highlighting this information on the homepage of its website and mobile application to effectively engage users.

The solution

On Insider’s suggestion, Bumrungrad implemented the Hello Bar to appear at the top of the hospital’s website homepage and in its mobile app. The bar then drew users’ attention to the various health checkup packages available.

The results


increase in click
through rate


Boosting CVR with desktop and mobile countdown banner

The challenge

Bumrungrad had created a series of health checkup packages at a range of prices as a way of increasing healthcare access to a wider range of customers. Because this was a new initiative, the hospital needed to communicate this to as wide an audience as possible in a way that fostered trust, transparency, and convenience alongside affordability.

The solution

After consulting with Insider’s experts, Bumrungrad decided to set up a countdown campaign on desktop and mobile. The campaign displayed a countdown banner for 48 hours which highlighted the limited-time opportunity to get discounted health checkups as a means to encourage users to take action. 

The results


increase in click through rate
after a 48-hour campaign


The implementation of Insider’s personalization tools has increased user engagement and created seamless omnichannel user journeys which has seen significant increases in open rates, click through rates, and conversions for Bumrungrad International Hospital.

Looking ahead

Bumrungrad International Hospital will continue to use Insider’s marketing automation tools to improve the customer journey, increase user engagement, and boost average order value per user. 

To expand its customer reach in the international market, the healthcare provider is keen to also start using Insider’s WhatsApp Commerce Solution alongside its email, SMS automation, and personalization features.

Favorite feature

Countdown Banner

Bumrungrad International Hospital's favorite feature is the Countdown Banner. This feature effectively creates a sense of urgency and FOMO among users, and has led to a 25% increase in click through rates. 

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