How Leading Childcare Brand Joker Achieved 73% Conversion Uplift Delivering Instagram-like Experiences on Mobile Web


About Joker

Joker is a leading retailer of mother and baby care products. The brand’s stores are divided into three sections, offering baby care goods, a toy shop and an entertainment centre. The brand’s eCommerce platform reaches more than 1 million unique visitors every month. When it comes to all things childcare, Joker is the expert.

A Fresh Way to Deliver Immersive and Gamified Mobile Web Experiences

Joker is committed to providing the best possible experiences to new and expectant families. A lot of Joker’s interactions with their customer base take place on their mobile website, so the marketing team has a strong focus on maximizing revenue on this channel by providing relevant and compelling experiences to their customers.

Always on the lookout for new technologies, Joker decided to leverage Insider’s new product, InStory. Inspired by Instagram and Snapchat, InStory helps marketers deliver more immersive and gamified mobile web experiences. Joker decided to increase engagement with relevant brand stories for each user, including last-minute deals, top picks, new arrivals and more using InStory.

Joker created a personalized collection of stories for its mobile visitors using InStory. The brand used it to showcase its most exclusive collection of childcare inventory to both new parents and existing customers.


Conversion Rate

73% Conversion Rate Uplift with InStory

In under a month, with the help of InStory, Joker’s marketing team was able to improve the overall conversion rate by 18%. Moreover, the group of visitors who were shown the InStory personalization displayed a 73% uplift in conversion rate compared to the control group that didn’t.

Joker found InStory to be a perfect fit with its brand: a fresh new way to interact with mobile web visitors and offer them an experience that felt natural and a lot more intuitive than conventional optimizations.

“An Exciting Way to Pique a Visitor’s Interest on Mobile Web and Improve our Conversion Rate”

“When Insider told us about InStory, a fresh way to engage our mobile web visitors offering Instagram-like experiences, we were quite intrigued. Following a fuss-free and quick integration process, our overall mobile web conversions rose by 18%, a number that’s rare in the industry. We can’t wait to see what Insider has got in store next.”

Mehmet Turkel
eCommerce Manager