How Mothercare increases lead generation on their mobile website

Using Insider’s Message Box powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), carefully designed for the mobile web, we created several lead generation overlays and results were astonishing.


uplift in sign ups Lead generation overlay


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About Mothercare

Mothercare is a one stop shop for parents-to-be and their little ones. It is a British retailer which sells all kinds of amenities and apparel for parents-to-be, newborn babies and kids upto age of 8. Established in 1961, Mothercare has expanded and operates in more than 45 countries.
Struggles with Lead Generation

Mothercare wanted to improve their lead generation rate on their mobile website as they saw that mobile web is one of the key areas where there was a high scope for improvement.

A lower lead generation rate directly affected the revenue generated by Mothercare.
For any online business, it’s a crucial number, as it also shapes the direction of the the business. Lower number of leads, mostly lead to less revenue and operating income for a company.

Using Message Box on the mobile web to fuel lead generation

Mothercare observed a lower logged in user count compared to general expectations. Most of these visitors visited at least 3 product pages and left the website without taking any desired action.

Mothercare believed that these users (who have spent a reasonable time on their website) showed a definite inclination towards Mothercare’s products and leaving them as anonymous visitors would result in sales chances being missed.

Anonymous visitors are lost chances. For example, if only 5% people sign up for your email newsletter, you have successful devised a mechanism to interact with these people. Now, if you can nail your nurturing programs effectively, you boost your chances of converting them from prospects to paying customers.

And you must’ve guessed it by now, that 95% of visitors, who did not sign up or left any information with you, they are gone, lost causes.

To negate this ongoing issue, Mothercare decided to tap into Insider’s platform and used a lead collection Message Box on the product pages of their mobile website to improve their lead generation rates. The Message Box allowed users to sign up for recommendations and newsletters by exchanging their email address.

Leads Saw a 99% Uplift

These signups helped mothercare by providing them a way to tie visitors to their lead nurture program. The Message Box shown on the product pages of their mobile website delivered quick and effective results. It also mitigated the additional steps any visitor would have to take to sign up for a new account or subscribe to Mothercare’s newsletter.

Just to put it in perspective, Mothercare saw a humongous uplift of 99.79% in new signups and even their conversions saw a considerable improvement of 12.46% uplift with the usage of Insider’s mobile web Message Box.

‘’Even though we had high traffic on our mobile website, not enough of our visitors were signing up, even after visiting a couple of product pages. But, all that changed after Insider. Using Insider’s Message Box, carefully designed for the mobile web, we created several lead generation overlays and results were astonishing. Insider not only helped us overcome our lead gen challenge, it also contributed towards improved conversions.’’

Faruk Balmumcu

eCommerce & Omnichannel Manager

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