20+ web push notification templates for boosting customer engagement in eCommerce

Srikant Kotapalli

May 29, 2020

  1. What business objective am I trying to meet? 
  2. What action do I want customers to take?

Answering these questions will shape every aspect of your web push notification campaigns, from title to images, CTAs and to send time. In order to make your web push notification campaign a success you need to understand the following traits. There are five traits of an effective web push notification:

  1. A reason to opt-in for notifications
  2. A reason to engage with your message
  3. Timely and contextually relevant updates
  4. Driving instant action
  5. Offering high value proposition 

If you hit all the five traits to the point, your brand will have the potential to become  an integral part of the lives of your customers. What stops marketers like you from harnessing this great opportunity and pushing your best foot forward is not knowing how to write and present effective web push notifications. We’ve got you covered. 

In an effort to save you time and headspace, we’ve put together a list of plug and play web push notification templates that you can use or edit according to your brand’s needs. In these web push notification templates, we have included suggestions for titles, descriptions, rich media, and pre-designed calls to action. 

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Web Push Notification Templates Every Ecommerce Marketer Should Know

eCommerce businesses are moving fast towards a combination of both offline and online experiences. Customers today switch seamlessly between physical and online commerce stores. Customer journeys are integrated in an explicit manner where the idea of shopping online is a common activity compared to brick-and-mortar shopping.

Every eCommerce brand uses various growth marketing strategies to acquire new users and also to engage with their existing customer base who have already visited their website or app. One of the core engagement strategies includes exploring various communication channels such as, push notifications (both web and mobile), web messages, SMS, email, among others. Once you have fixed the channels, your next step in the engagement strategy is to plan multiple campaigns to reach and engage your customers. 

Amongst these channels, web push notification is known to be one of the most effective channels of communication for eCommerce businesses. Let us take a look at each of these notification types and templates:

         1.Welcome Notifications

A warm welcome always encourages a positive start. Welcome web push notifications do exactly the same. They engage the first-time visitors on your website who are least likely to make a purchase. Send these push notifications to encourage them for making their first purchase. 

Make your first-time users get an instant gratification with a personalized welcome push notification. Here’s a template you can use to welcome your new customers.

2. Discount Notifications

Who doesn’t love discounts? Discount web push notifications deliver messages about exciting discounts, exclusive offers, and giveaways. They are known for increasing engagement rates significantly and nudge them towards making a new purchase. 

Here’s a discount web push notification template that you can use on the fly.

3. Abandoned Cart Notifications

Cart abandonment is one of the most common problems faced by eCommerce marketers. We did an extensive research on online shopping cart abandonment and found out that, in 2019, 69.57 % of eCommerce shopping carts were abandoned and purchases were not completed. That is a huge chunk of lost revenue. Abandoned cart notifications are known to improve your conversions and recover such lost revenue.

Use these abandoned cart web push notification templates to instantly engage and convert your cart abandoners as well as recovering lost revenue.

4. Browse Abandonment Notifications

Another persistent problem for eCommerce marketers is browse abandonment.  Every time a customer bounces off a website without adding any products in their cart is a lost opportunity. These customers need to be brought back to the website and nudged towards conversion.

Run targeted web push notifications to engage these window shoppers and convert them into paying customers. Here’s a couple of browse abandonment web push notification templates to get started with:

5. Product Bundle Notifications

No matter where your customers shop they like to save on every purchase they make and if they save big, they come back for repeat purchases or bring in new customers. Bundling offers is an effective way to make users save when they make a purchase. And it is a well known retail strategy to increase your average order value (AOV). 

Leverage bundled offers in notifications to improve your customer engagement, boost your revenue and conversions. Here are a couple of push notification templates for your product bundles to get started:

6. Free Shipping Notifications

A lot of customers choose online shopping because of its convenience. One of the factors that can hold your customers from completing their purchase may be the shipping costs. Improving your customers’ experience with occasional free shipping offers can boost your brand’s value. To make the most out of it, customers end up purchasing more products when they get free shipping. 

Here are a couple of free shipping web push notification templates you can use right away:

7. Time-Bound Notifications 

Time-bound sales are a great way to create not only a sense of scarcity and urgency but also a sense of anticipation. Time-bound push notifications are a great way to induce a sense of urgency in users and validate the ones who are unsure about purchasing  products right away. 

Here are a couple of time-bound web push notification templates to showcase your offers, discounts and promotions. 

8. Flash Deal Notifications

Flash deals have been adopted in eCommerce to instill urgency and speed up purchasing decisions. They instill FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) in customers and nudge them towards making an instant purchase. These kinds of notifications will help you drive high traction. 

Use these flash deal web push notification templates to improve conversions and user engagement.

9. Seasonal Offer Notifications

eCommerce businesses worldwide prepare for seasonal sales, aka eCommerce peaks, all year round and do not miss this great opportunity to boost sales. Using web push notifications you can nudge your customers to update their wardrobe each season with your brand new collections. 

Build an effective engagement strategy using the seasonal offer web push notification templates to indulge your customers in seasonal offers.

10. Milestone Anniversary Notifications

Each year marks a significant milestone to be celebrated for every eCommerce brand. eCommerce brands are also known for stellar anniversary deals and discounts. Offering deals they can’t refuse, and involving customers in your celebration is an effective way to boost engagement. 

Use these milestone anniversary web push notification templates to uplift your engagement and deliver a seamless shopping experience. 

11. Price Alert Notifications

For most customers pricing is a major influencing factor in their purchase decision. In fact, 80% of online shoppers say that price plays a very important role when making a purchase decision. Price alert notifications allows marketers and retailers to create alerts based on changes in the pricing of any given product in their inventory. These notifications present a unique opportunity to effectively engage your customers and immediately drive them towards conversion.

Tap into the principle of urgency and limited availability using these price alert notification templates. 

Key Takeaways

No matter what type of a web push notification campaign you plan to use for your eCommerce brand, always keep these four key takeaways in mind:

  • Define your campaign objective
  • Segment your customers
  • Get personal with your customers
  • Write push notifications for conversion
  • Always A/B test your campaigns

To find out more about how you can optimize the performance of your web push notification campaigns to achieve higher conversions and engagement for your eCommerce brand, talk to our growth experts and get your personalized demo.

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