Shopping cart abandonment: The $4 trillion problem your business can overcome

Shopping cart abandonment—the business equivalent of ghosting—happens nearly 7 times out of every 10 purchases. And it amounts to $4 trillion in potential lost profits each year. Thankfully, 63% of these losses can potentially be recovered by savvy companies. We’re here to show you just how. 

Download our guide and we’ll walk you through calculating your shopping cart abandonment rate and much more: 

Part 1: 8 Essential Strategies for Streamlining the Customer Checkout Experience (and Preventing Shopping Cart Abandonment)
Part 2: Launching Cross-Channel Win-Back Campaigns (That Work)
Part 3: The #1 Solution You Need to Succeed at Cart Recovery

Put on your screen glasses on, roll-up your sleeves, and let’s recover some abandoned carts!